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Alternative Health Products: Finding Online Discounts

Science is a wonderful thing, and research often proves common "wisdom" wrong. As part of an alternative health program on the radio, a well-known naturopathic physician proposed an experiment. He and his fellow natural remedies practitioners would work with 20 cancer patients with life expectancies of less than one year. They would use alternative therapies and health products in an attempt extend the lives of the 20 patients. At the same time traditional medical doctors will work with another 20 cancer patients with life expectancies under one year. They would use chemotherapy, radiation, and other allopathic tools. At the end of one year the two groups would compare survival rates to see which approach resulted in more survivors. The naturopathic radio host was confident his group would have more survivors than the other group.

This bold proposal from the naturopathic physician reflects the growing knowledge about and confidence in the healing properties of vitamins, herbs, supplements, and enzymes for treating serious conditions and eliminating the destruction practices of mainstream medicine. Alternative healing has become such a respected approach that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) has an entire division devoted to studying alternative medicine and complementary medicine. NIH explains the difference between these two approaches this way: alternative medicine is used in place of allopathic medicine, while complementary medicine is used in addition to it.

Acupuncture, therapeutic massage, yoga, and other physical modalities are often part of an alternative or complementary approach to healing. Counseling, art therapy, and music therapy also have valuable roles in healing. Hospice services, for example, use music therapy to calm the breathing of people at the end of their lives, which can make it easier for them to pass on. Art therapy helps people express their feelings, which can be very healing for many people, especially those suffering from depression or other emotional issues.

The use of natural remedies is based on a strong body of knowledge. It requires an understanding of the systems of the body and how the body works. Naturopathic practitioners have extensive experience applying various methods to people with differing symptoms and diseases. While most herbs, supplements, vitamins, digestive enzymes, and amino acids are available without prescription, they should not be used without recommendations from qualified health providers. Users should have the opportunity to ask questions about the products before and after they use them. And, as with any medication, users should stop using them if they have adverse reactions.

Anyone who uses alternative health products should inform his or her primary care provider about them. The doctor may have additional suggestions for natural healing. Plus, the doctor can help make certain that there is no adverse interaction between prescription drugs and alternative products. Doctors are increasingly sensitive to their patients' desires to use natural approaches to health and healing.

Many online retailers offer alternative health products, often at deep discounts. In selecting a retailer consumers would be wise to look for a website that provides free information about its products, articles and ebooks about natural healing, and the opportunity to communicate with a qualified medical professional.

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