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Shopping for Your Special Woman: A Quiz for Men

If you've ever been at a loss about what to get that special woman in your life, you're not along. All's not lost, however. Just ask yourself these simple questions, and shopping will be a breeze!

1. When you go out to dinner, what does she wear?

a. Whatever she happens to have on
b. Something casual but classic
c. Something that reflects the latest fashion trends
d. We never go out

2. What's her idea of a romantic evening?

a. Hanging out at home watching a DVD
b. A sunset walk on the beach
c. An intimate dinner at an upscale restaurant
d. She doesn't have a romantic bone in her body

3. What's her attitude in the kitchen?

a. She always whips up a fantastic meal
b. Her desserts are to die for
c. A good meal is only a delivery away
d. She considers the microwave the greatest invention ever made

4. What's her relationship to technology?

a. She doesn't pay much attention to it
b. She emails and surfs the Web on the computer, but that's about it
c. She and her BlackBerry are inseparable
d. She's so into electronics that she should have a pocket protector

5. How would you describe her level of playfulness?

a. She's always up for a board game and entertains the kids for hours
b. She's always the life of any party
c. She's pretty serious about everything in life
d. She can play video games for hours

Look at your answers and tally the number of times you answered "a," "b," "c," and "d." If you most often answered "a," the woman in your life can best be described as "what you see is what you get." She's down to earth and considers her home her haven. If that's the case, housewares make great gifts. Go shopping for something she's been wanting in the kitchen, new bed or bath linens, or something related to one of her hobbies.

If you most often answered "b," your woman is a pure romantic. She'll respond to gifts that tug at her emotional heartstrings. She will always treasure jewelry, perfume, and flowers, and will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

If you most often answered "c," the woman in your life is a trendsetter. When it comes to gifts, she'll welcome personal electronics and the hottest gadgets, as well as the latest apparel and jewelry.

If you most often answered "d," your woman is a pragmatist above all. If she were a guy, you'd probably buy a gift of auto parts. Forget frilly flowers or decorative housewares, and instead buy computer-related gifts and electronics. As for toys and games, go with the latest video gaming console or the hot new video game. She'll love you for it!

Where to Go Shopping

Regardless of the personality of that special woman in your life, you can easily find the perfect gifts online. Shopping at an online mall allows you to choose from among tens of thousands of gifts, while giving you the convenience of buying all of your gifts from one site.

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