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Your Buyers' Guide To Pewter Products

From the Middle Ages until the 18th and 19th centuries, pewter products were very common. During this time, there was a mass production of glass products that replaced pewter in everyday life. Pewter was just about gone when it gradually stopped being used by 1850. By the 20th Century, the craft of making pewter products was brought back into existence. Today, pewter is used in decorative objects, collectible statuettes, figurines, and so forth.

What is Pewter?

Pewter is a metal alloy, between 85 and 99 percent tin with the remainder consisting of 1 to 4 percent copper, acting as a hardener, with the addition of lead for the lower grades of pewter. Blue-tinted pewter is a bright, shiny metal that is similar to silver in appearance. Pewter is soft enough to carve with hand tools, but cannot be used to make tools itself.

Quality of Pewter Products

The high quality pewter items today contain around 97 percent tin and are 100 percent lead-free. It is completely safe for foods and is easy to care for.

Types of Pewter Products Available

The types of pewter products available are endless. Here are just a few: vases, figurines, mugs, plates, water pitches, goblets, belt buckles, and jewelry.

Brand Names Available

There are many brand names of pewter available as well, such as Siskiyou, Shirley, Selangon, and Heritage.

Giving Pewter as Gifts

Pewter items make such special gifts because the person receiving the gift will have these items for such a long time. Also, pewter does not require any special care. This will make the gift even more enjoyable.

For that special female in your life, there are a wide variety of gift ideas. You have your choice of fine-crafted jewelry, key ring with her favorite dog, and even beautiful photo frames to show off her grandchildren. You can also begin a new tradition every year by giving her a collectible ornament. Another great gift idea for that special lady is pewter tableware. A touch of delight can be added to any table with a variety of pewter tableware.

And for that special male in your life, whether he is an NFL, MBL, NCAA or NASCAR fan, there are so many unique items to choose from. Giving him a pewter belt buckle would be the perfect way to let him show off his favorite sports team. For the avid golfer, he would enjoy the can cooler or the tankard. He could keep these as collectibles or use them for personal use.

Just remember, you can do your shopping online for that special pewter gift. While there, you may see some items you have dreamed of having for yourself such as a natural stone fountain, a beautiful etched glass mirror or that fascinating neon clock. Click online today and order the unique pewter gift that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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