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Mother's Day: Jewelry at the Top of Wish Lists

It's that time of year again.... Mother's Day is just around the corner, so what you will give that special woman in your life? Mother's Day gifts can run the gamut, from handmade treasures to kitchen knives, from electronics to leather goods. You can be sure that she'll cherish whatever you choose, but the chances are good that jewelry tops her wish list.

Obviously, each woman's taste in jewelry is different. Some women never leave the house without a full complement of accessories, while others stick to the basics, like a watch and earrings. Here are some ideas for great Mother's Day jewelry gifts:


You can't go wrong if you select diamond earrings. Today, the trend is small diamonds set in white gold hoops, although solitaire button earrings are also popular. For a sentimental twist, you can select diamonds that radiate out from gold hearts.

Pearl earrings are almost always a hit, whether they're set as a single pearl in a drop earring or several pearls in a vertical band. You can even go the exotic route and buy your mother a pair of earrings featuring rare and coveted black pearls (also known as Tahitian pearls). Better yet, buy earrings that incorporate both diamonds and pearls!


Pendants make wonderful Mother's Day gifts. Set in white or yellow gold, the stone in a pendant can represent your mother's birth month or the birthday months of her children. As a reminder, the birthstones are: January - garnet; February - amethyst; March - aquamarine; April - diamond; May - emerald; June - moonstone; July - ruby; August - peridot; September - sapphire; October - opal; November - topaz; and December - turquoise.


Fine watches are beautiful gifts, but if your mother is active and enjoys the outdoors, you may want to consider different type of watch. For example, she may enjoy a clip on watch that she can attach to a backpack, gym bag, or runner's pack. She could even hook it to a belt loop when she takes her pets out for a walk.

Jewelry Sets

There are many different kinds of jewelry sets, each of which would make a treasured gift. For example, you can purchase an earring and necklace set, or select a baby pearl necklace and matching bracelet. Another possibility is a pin or pendant with matching earrings.

Other Wonderful Gifts

If your mother isn't the type who wears a lot of jewelry, there is a wealth of other gift possibilities. For example, she may welcome personal electronics, like an MP3 player, an iPod, or a DVD player. If she enjoys clothing, she might love a beautiful lingerie set or a leather garment. Perhaps she'd like housewares, such as kitchen knives or a new set of mixing bowls.

Where to Shop

Your best bet for finding a wide selection of jewelry and other Mother's Day gifts is an online shopping mall. An online mall has the advantage of having thousands (or tens of thousands) of products, and you can often find bargain prices that are close to wholesale. Best of all, this kind of one-stop shopping site can dropship, meaning that the items you order are shipped directly from the supplier. This dramatically cuts down shipping time, and ensures that your Mother's Day gifts will be delivered to your door safely and quickly.

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