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Thrill Your Grad with Personalized Graduation Gifts

There's little doubt that graduating from high school or college is one of life's milestones. That special day will forever be etched into the memory of the graduate. It's a major accomplishment that will pave the path to higher education or to success in the workforce. So, with graduation season just around the corner, it's time to start thinking about the graduation gifts that will thrill your family members or friends. Here are seven ideas to ignite your imagination and creativity.

1. Bags and Totes. When it comes to high school graduation gifts, monogrammed bags and totes will send the grad off to college in style. A sports bag is perfect for the athletic type, while a soft-sided cooler might be just the thing for the grad who's a party animal. And, every college student needs an overnight bag for those visits back home and a duffle bag for trips to the Laundromat.

2. iPod Holder. Virtually every high school or college student has an iPod, but the chances are good that he or she doesn't have a personalized iPod carrying case. A leather iPod holder embossed with your grad's initials will safeguard his or her iPod while still making it easy to clip on to clothing.

3. Necklaces and Lockets. If you're looking for college graduation gifts for a young woman, a personalized necklace, locket, or charm necklace makes a beautiful gift. Engrave it with her initial, and she will treasure your gift for a lifetime.

4. Cufflinks. While necklaces and lockets are great graduation gifts for girls and young women, cufflinks are perfect for boys and young men. Granted, he may not often have the opportunity to wear shirts with French cuffs, but every man should own a set of personalized cufflinks. They will serve him well throughout his life, and will undoubtedly be passed from generation to generation.

5. Pens. While pens are traditional high school graduation gifts and college graduation gifts, few grads received monogrammed pens as gifts. Whether made of rosewood or wrapped in leather, a personalized, high-quality pen will inspire your grad to reach for the stars.

6. Pocketknives. Today's pocketknives are much more than a simple blade. Some are like multipurpose tool kits. When you send your grad off to college with a personalized pocketknife or pocket tool set, he or she will be prepared for all of life's little emergencies.

7. Party Gifts. If you're a parent, you'll probably want to overlook the partying that your grad is likely to do in college. If you're a friend, you most likely understand that a personalized party gift will be more than welcome. A monogrammed party tub cooler, a personalized cocktail shaker, or a poker set that features the grad's name and graduation date would make a perfect gift.

Graduations are momentous occasions, and personalized graduation gifts give grads the recognition they deserve.

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