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Give Delightful Gifts to Your Loved Ones in Four Surprising Ways

Special occasions are always right around the corner. Maybe it's a wedding anniversary celebration, a surprise birthday party or some other engagement where gifts will be presented. If you're tired of the same old routine when it's time to present gifts, try a surprise gift instead. You can give a surprise gift yourself and even ask others to join in with their gifts. Surprise gifts are great for perking up a party. After all, who says surprise gifts are limited only to marriage proposals?

Present a Money and Gift Certificate Tree

Who wouldn't love to have a tree that grows money? With a money tree, you and others can hang money and/or gift certificates on the tree and surprise the recipient with the tree during the party.

Almost any company or product you can think of offers gift certificates. These can be for any types of gifts, including entrance for two at the movies, music CDs at their favorite music store, even advance payments for a diet and weightloss program they enjoy - if they are already enrolled, of course! For men, give a gift certificate to an auto accessories store where they can buy products such as auto audio and video products or auto security items. The list goes on and on!

Surprise Gifts in the Home

You may be able to set up large gifts in the recipient's home while they're at the party. Talk with their spouse, parent or roommate to arrange this in advance. When they return home, their eyes will behold a brand new home theater system, new bodybuilding equipment or even a brand new plasma TV! The possibilities are endless.

Special Delivery Gifts

Another way to surprise someone with a gift is to have it delivered to his or her home as a special delivery with signature required. This works great for small or lightweight gifts such as watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, fragrances, leather apparel, shoes, cosmetics or even coats and jackets. All these items can usually be shipped safely to your specified address at affordable shipping rates.

Surprise that Special Someone

Surprising your spouse with gifts makes marriage that much more enjoyable! You can leave gifts lying around the house or even outdoors for your spouse to "discover." For example, pull a brand new riding lawn mower into your husband's work building outdoors for him to find when he goes to mow the lawn. Be sure to have some cold water nearby in case he faints! If you're a husband wanting to surprise your wife, hang a gorgeous new leather jacket on her coat rack with a big bow and card attached. Or, if she has a jewelry box that she opens each day, place a small wrapped gift inside the jewelry box. This might contain small accessory items such as rings, watches, necklaces, earrings or fragrances.

By surprising your friend or loved one with a special gift, you can show you care and have fun in the process!

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