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Intriguing Educational Toys and Live Habitats Make Great Gifts for Kids

No one would argue that kids love gifts any time of the year. Whether it's a birthday, Christmas, kindergarten graduation, or some other special time, you can help your child enhance their mind with fascinating educational toys and live habitats.

Kids of all ages love to explore, discover, watch, and learn. So gifts that enable them to do all these will keep them busy for a while!

Live Habitat Gifts

Kids can learn a lot about the important things in life by observing animals in live habitats. One gift product that has been very popular for years is the ant farm. Ant farms give children a glimpse into how the ant society really works underground.

Kids can watch as the ants create their tunnels, gather and store their food, protect the queen ant, and work together to keep the ant family alive and well. Though they are very small, ants are often called a "small army" and ants are frequently used in describing good work ethic. As your child observes his ant farm, he will learn values about work and play while enjoying his tiny newfound friends!

Other popular live habitats include frog habitats, Deep Sea Jellyfish, Shark Reef Aquarium or other fish aquariums, Bug Explorer, and Hermit Crab Cove. With each live habitat, there are plenty of lessons to be learned. Children learn by experience and observance. The live habitats enable them to learn safely and in a fun way from their own home.

Space Educational Toys

Other educational toys that make great kids gifts for any holiday or birthday are those that help kids learn about space. The planets, moon, sun, stars, and galaxies all amaze kids as they learn more about our universe. Many space educational toys create a universe-like atmosphere in your child's room with glowing figures of the solar system elements. Your child can listen and learn by CD and fall asleep by the light of the moon and stars!

Space toys can also enhance your child's knowledge for science class or reinforce what they are learning in school. The teacher will be thrilled that the child is taking a sudden interest in learning about science.

Some popular space educational toys include Moon-In-My-Room, Mobile Solar System, and Rainbow-In-My-Room.

Let Your Kid Explore their World with a Digital Camera

Another great gift for children is a digital camera. With a digital camera, they can take photos of nature and animals, friends and family, their own live habitats to show friends at school, and more. Digital cameras show the photo results right away, so your child will be able to see their "masterpiece" immediately. They can even load their images onto their computer and send them to an email pal or a family member or friend who lives far away.

With so many great educational toys and live habitats available today, you can easily find one that will fascinate your child. You can go online to find unique items at reasonable rates. Online stores that specialize in educational toys offer a variety of these fun learning gifts!

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