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Depilatory Magic Powder Shavers Give Him a Safe, Clean Shave

Why not give the gift of a clean shave? Your husband, boyfriend, son, father, or any male friend can feel like a million bucks with new stylish shaving gear. Encourage him to throw away the old used coffee mug and shaving knife, and give him a depilatory shaving mug and kit that simplifies the shaving process when at home and traveling.

Shaving for Confidence

Having a clean, smooth shave can boost your man's confidence like nothing else. He'll be pleasantly surprised that you thought of his needs when selecting a gift. Depilatory magic powder shavers such as Mix'N Shave include safe-shave items such as a handy ceramic mug for storage, quality shaving powder, and a paste blade. He'll have everything he needs to measure, mix, put it on, take it off and leave his shaving gear wherever desired. Even when traveling, he can conveniently leave the shaving gear on the sink counter without fear of it being moved to the kitchen by the maids!

Depilatory magic powder shavers can help him shave with confidence for work or play. These are also a great alternative to razors for young shavers with acne problems or for boys who are just learning to shave.

Help Him Combat Razor Bumps

Probably one of the prominent reasons men use depilatory shavers is to prevent a skin condition that is onset by shaving with a razor called Pseudofolliculitis Barbe (PFB), commonly called "razor bumps." This condition occurs when the wiry, curly facial and neck hairs that form a man's beard are closely cut and imbed themselves in the skin. These ingrown hairs can irritate and scar the face, leading to discomfort and unsightly bumps. Doctors often advise men with razor bumps to use a depilatory shaver for bump free shaving because using a razor can cause the condition to worsen.

A Gift for all Occasions

The great thing about depilatory magic powder shavers and shaving mug kits is you can give him one for just about any occasion. Share this special gift with your lover during the Christmas season. Delight him on his birthday. Present a depilatory gift set along with a romantic dinner for two or breakfast in bed on Valentine's Day or your wedding anniversary. Or, include a shaving kit with tickets to his favorite sports team game or tickets for dinner and a movie. There are many ways to lavish him on special occasions while giving a gift he can use every day! For Father's Day, you can surprise your dad with the gift of a clean shave. He'll love his new shaving mug kit and will know how much you care on the day that honors all dads!

Buying depilatory magic powder shaver gift sets is easy online, but be sure to choose a high quality shaver set that will help him shave and not hinder the process. Choose a shaver gift that was designed with men and their shaving needs in mind - maybe even one for easy chest hair removal as well. He'll appreciate your gesture, while enjoying a clean, smooth shave for years to come!

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