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The Perfect Gifts for the Cigar Lover: Cigars and Cigar Accessories

For the cigar aficionado or the novice, cigars make an excellent gift. If you have a friend or loved one that smokes cigars, it's now easier than ever to buy great cigars and cigar accessories with online retailers. Just about every brand and style of cigar you can think of are available online today - and at affordable prices. You don't have to leave the home or office to shop for a cigar gift that fits your budget.

Occasions for Cigar Gifts

Cigars can be given as a gift for just about any occasion. They are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, a new baby, and any time of celebration. Cigars can also be presented as a sympathy gift for the loss of a loved one. Many company owners give cigars as a corporate gift to new clients or as a thank you gift to loyal customers or employees. Cigars can be accompanied by a greeting card as well as other gift items. They might be included in a larger gift package, or given as a stand-alone gift.

The key is to find out what brand, flavor, length, and thickness your recipient enjoys. Perhaps they have one or two favorites. If you can find out what type of cigars they enjoy the most, this makes your shopping task much easier. If you have to guess at it, go with a popular mild brand with a medium size to be on the safe side. Or, you might give a cigar sampler gift instead of choosing one particular brand. A sampler will contain several cigars from various high-quality brands so your friend or loved one can enjoy sampling some of the top brands.

Cigar Gifts for Beginners

If your gift recipient is a beginner at smoking cigars, then you might consider buying cigars along with cigar accessories so they'll have all the items they need. There are humidor kits that contain a cigar humidor, a cigar cutter, a cigar ashtray, a tube, activator solution, and a cigar lighter. These make the perfect gifts because they contain many of the items needed to introduce a beginner to the world of cigar smoking. There are also elegant gift boxes for lighters such as the Vertigo Vader lighter series gift box.

If your friend already has many of the accessories needed, you might opt for a luxurious cigar humidor along with a set of their favorite cigars. One very nice humidor is the Master, which holds up to 75 cigars and is made with an elegant solid wood with a glass top. It is lined with scratch-resistant felt in the bottom and has wood with a deep mahogany color. Other elegant cigar humidors are Torino, Ebano Dome, Cordoba, Geneve, Medici, The Scottsdale, Treasure Dome, and The Estate. For a more elaborate cigar gift, there's the Coffee Table humidor with a solid wood construction, four top sectionals with beveled tempered glass, four Spanish cedar drawers with dividers, and other great features.

To find the perfect cigar gift, do a little research online to see what's available. Cigars come in various styles, which will determine the length and ring gauge (thickness) of the cigar. If you know your recipient enjoys long, relaxing smokes, then choose a cigar style that is longer with a large ring size. If they prefer quick smokes after meals, opt for shorter cigars. If you're not sure what they prefer, casually ask them about their cigars. Ask if they have a favorite brand and how long their cigars usually last while smoking.

Whatever cigar gift you choose, your friend, loved one, or client is sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. Browse an online cigar store to find the brand and cigar accessories they will adore. Buying your cigar gift online will save time and money.

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