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The Cigar: Unveiling the Mysteries

Enjoying a cigar has a certain cachet, even though cigarette smoking is reviled. Indeed, celebrities ranging from Alec Baldwin and Bill Murray to Sharon Stone and Michael Jordan have graced the covers of cigar magazines and been interviewed for cigar reviews. While the appeal of cigar smoking may be due in part to its association with luxury and relaxation, the accessories and rituals involved in collecting and smoking cigars are also an integral part of its culture. Whether you are an avid cigar smoker or are searching for the perfect gift for the aficionado in your life, here are some insights into the world of cigars.

Types of Cigars

Just as there are virtually limitless varieties of wine, there is an incredible variation among cigars. The features of a wine are dependent upon the type of grape, the climate where the grapes are grown, how the grapes are picked and processed, and how the wine is aged. Similarly, the flavors of a cigar come from the unique combination of wrappers, fillers, flavors, and binders. The Acid cigar, made by the Drew Estate in Nicaragua, has a more herbal flavor, while the Gurkha cigar, made by K. Hansotia & Co., is flavored with Louis XIII Cognac.

Just as wine bottles have unique shapes and labels, cigars have distinctive sizes, shapes, and bands. When it comes to the shape of a cigar, most are cylindrical in shape, with one open end and one closed end. These cigars are known as parejos, and are further classified as either coronas or panatelas. Figurados have more unique shapes, like a torpedo or a pyramid, and both ends are usually closed. Figurados are considered premium cigars.

Keeping Cigars Fresh

Buying quality cigars is only the first step toward enjoying their aroma and flavor. Similar to the way in which wine needs to be kept at the proper temperature in order to retain its fine qualities, cigars need to be kept at the proper level of moisture in order to retain their freshness. A cigar humidor is made from wood (often Spanish cedar) and usually includes an element that is moistened and that raises the humidity to about 70 percent. There are a few different types of humidors. Table humidors are typically used for display, while a cigar travel humidor holds ten or more cigars. Cigar bars or stores have entire humidor rooms.

Another method of keeping cigars fresh is with cigar humidifiers. Cigar humidifiers are typically tubes that can maintain humidity in a closed container by allowing moisture to escape the sides of the tube through tiny pores.

Cigar Accessories

In addition to a cigar humidor or humidifier, there are a number of other cigar accessories available. A cigar cutter, for example, is needed for figurados, and a cigar punch opens the closed end of both parejos and figurados. Cigar cases, ashtrays, and even odor-eliminating candles are often essentials for true cigar aficionados.

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