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Shop at a Bargain Store for Wedding and Bridal Shower Gifts

With wedding season just around the corner, it's time to go shopping! If you're not careful, spring and summer gift shopping can break the bank, so it's important to find a bargain store that carries everything that the brides and grooms in your life need. Here are just a few ideas for wedding and shower gifts that can be found at an online bargain store.


If a young couple is just embarking on their life together, they're going to need personal and home electronics. For their home entertainment center, consider DVD players, video game consoles, video games, or accessories like speakers or remote controls. For the couple on the go, a car video system makes a great wedding gift, as does an iPod or an MP3 player. And don't forget that every couple needs a pair of cell phones


Speaking of couples on the go, every couple needs a nice set of luggage for their honeymoon. Consider pooling your money with some of your friends and present them with a beautiful set of luggage that they'll treasure for years to come. Tuck a portable DVD player and a few of their favorite movies into the carry-on, and they'll be delighted. Digital cameras also make great wedding gifts, and ensure that they'll take memorable pictures that they will treasure forever.

Household Goods

Unless both the bride and the groom are coming from established households, the couple is going to need household goods. Ask those in the know what colors the bride and groom have chosen, and indulge them with luxurious bedding or towels. Purchase quality cutlery, high-end cookware, or utilitarian items for the kitchen. You can also create a gift basket for them - perhaps a personalized toolbox containing basic tools, a hamper containing everything they'd need to go on a picnic, or even an assortment of office supplies and computer supplies wrapped up in a personalized basket.

Outdoor Gifts

If the newlyweds live in or are moving to a house with a yard, outdoor gifts are perfectly appropriate as wedding gifts. A wheelbarrow filled with everything they'll need to plant their first garden would be much appreciated, as would outdoor furniture for their patio. Decorative pieces that accent their outdoor decor are also excellent choices for wedding gifts.

Just For Her (or Him)

If you find yourself as the hostess of a bridal shower, consider adopting a "Just for Her" theme. The bride-to-be deserves to be pampered, and you can suggest that guests bring gifts that are primarily for her, but that her fiance will also enjoy, such as fragrances, lingerie, or jewelry. If you're planning a bachelor party, keep in mind that the groom-to-be often gets lost in the fuss and frill of wedding plans. Why not surprise him with stereotypically male gifts, such as tools, auto parts, sporting goods, and the like?

Whichever gift you ultimately choose, keep in mind that you don't have to spend a fortune to buy a memorable wedding gift. Look for an online bargain store that has a wide variety of gift items for every occasion. That way, you're sure to make it through wedding season in style.

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