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A Virtual Shopping Mall Can Optimize Gift Giving

Truth be told, gift giving is often a chore - even though it's supposed to be a generous, joyous act. Few people would ever admit to that anxious feeling in the pit of your stomach as a gift-giving occasion draws near and you haven't yet made it to the store - but it's more common than you might think. After all, most of us are overcommitted and lead lives that are overscheduled. When we find the time to take a deep breath and relax, it's usually late and the last thing we want to do is run out to a store to shop for a gift. That's why, with the right approach, a virtual shopping mall can solve our dilemma and once again bring joy into gift giving.

Organization is Key

Some of the busiest people always seem to have an appropriate gift when the occasion arises. This is because they're organized, and plan for upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and even unexpected events. What's their secret? They plan ahead and shop online for several gifts at once. It makes sense when you think about it. It's no surprise that your niece's birthday is next month; after all, it comes around every year. One secret of super-organized gift givers is that they note all gift-giving occasions - whether on an iPhone or a paper calendar.

Jot Down Ideas

Another strategy organized gift givers use is to jot down gift ideas as they come to mind. Daughter Susie might like a DVD player or a new telephone. Mother may like a fashion handbag or other leather goods. Sister Annie might need a new set of kitchen knives or long for a specific piece of jewelry. Uncle Dave might like a car alarm, a radar detector, or other automotive parts. Son John will most likely love any type of electronics. When you have a plethora of gift ideas, you don't have to wrack your brain or cast about in desperation.

Shop Once a Month

Then, at the beginning of the month, they go online, visit a virtual shopping mall, and do all of their shopping for the following month's occasions. Great gift givers love one-stop shopping, and appreciate the huge selection - sometimes hundreds of thousands of products - that an online mall offers. Moreover, by shopping so far ahead of time, they can also find bargains - or even wholesale prices - that won't take a big bite out of their budgets. The best part? By aggregating their purchases, they often save on shipping charges. Plus, a great virtual shopping mall will dropship everything, so all the gifts come directly from the distributor or manufacturer, making them arrive much more quickly.

But a Little Extra

The final secret of success for super-givers is that they always buy an extra item or two. They usually have a stash of gifts tucked away in the closet. When the need arises, the chances are good that they'll have just the right gift for the occasion.

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