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A Great Holiday Gift for the Business Owner? Peachtree Software!

As the Christmas season rolls around, you might be wondering what type of gift to give to your friend or relative that owns a business. After all, in today's economy, you want to give a gift that's both meaningful and helpful. Perhaps it's your husband or wife, son or daughter, or even a close friend, and you want to give a holiday gift that will be useful for years to come. Have you considered the Peachtree program by Sage Software?

Peachtree is accounting software that makes it easy to manage one's business finances. It simplifies the process of invoicing, payroll, bill payments and more. Peachtree also gives the business owner the opportunity to customize forms to meet the demands of the company.

Peachtree Software is a great gift that can be customized for each individual or company. Whether your recipient owns a one-person operation or has multiple employees, Peachtree can be purchased as a single-user program or with multi-user rights. This means the business owner can allow other users to access the Peachtree program to perform certain tasks.

Other Benefits

Peachtree can give your friend or loved one peace of mind in operating their business. All their financial information will be right at their fingertips and can easily be made available to their accountant. Peachtree makes tax time a whole lot easier! It comes in various versions depending on the tasks needed. For instance, Peachtree Pro is the basic edition for bookkeeping needs. Peachtree Complete has the same bookkeeping features plus in-depth features for inventory, job costing, analysis tools, multi-user features, and more. The Premium version has advanced budgeting features, screen-level access control, Crystal Reports(R) and more. The Peachtree Quantum version features advanced security capabilities as well as advanced tracking.

You can also choose from several industry-specific versions of Peachtree, such as manufacturing, distribution, non-profit, etc. These versions of Peachtree have special features to cater to the industry.

Considerations for Your Peachtree Gift

Before rushing out to buy Peachtree as a gift, find out the needs of your friend's company so you can choose the appropriate version of the software. Consider how many employees, the type of business, whether or not advanced features are necessary, and other factors. If your loved one is not computer savvy, consider hiring a certified Peachtree instructor to help with the set-up process. Or, secure a seat for your loved one at a nearby Peachtree training class if available.

Giving a gift such as Peachtree not only shows you care, but also proves you are concerned with your friend's or loved one's long-term success. Check out online options for Peachtree software and read all the features and benefits from the comfort of your home. Many retailers offer all versions of Peachtree along with other great software programs, including MAS90 software, ACT! Software, QuickBooks Enterprise, and others.

Give your loved one a holiday gift that will bring growth and excitement to their daily business activities. Peachtree can make it happen.

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