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Everyone On Your List Deserves the Perfect Gifts: Here's How to Find Them

Many people are wracking their brains, trying to think of the perfect gifts for every person on their holiday list. It can be hard to find gifts that convey the right emotional tone and that the recipient will enjoy. Here, then, are tips to find the perfect gifts for everyone on your list.

Friend, Family or Colleague?

First, write down the name of every person for whom you'd like to (or are obligated to) buy a gift. Next, give each person a rating on a scale of one to five, depending on how close they are to your intimate inner circle. If it helps, draw a series of five concentric circles, with the center circle representing those who know your dreams and aspirations and experience your joys and tribulations as they happen. The outer circle represents those people who may not know the "real" you, such as your boss or a business associate. There may be people on your list, such as your child's teacher, who isn't close to you, but who has made a tremendous difference in your child's life. Even though she may not know you well, you might decide to put her name in the second circle.

The reason for this exercise is to keep things in perspective when choosing gifts. It's all too easy to get swept up in the excitement of shopping, and select an inappropriately intimate gift for someone to whom you're not that close. Rating each person can seem calculating, but it will prevent you from buying lingerie for your pastor's wife!

Practical vs. Whimsical

The next step is deciding which people on your list would enjoy practical gifts, which would appreciate whimsical gifts, and which could go either way. So, put a "P" (for "practical"), a "W" (for "whimsical"), or a "PW" (for "practical or whimsical") next to each name. Women who are practical might enjoy a handbag or a blender, while those who are whimsical would appreciate jewelry and painted glass. Those who straddle the fence might find leather goods appealing, since they're both practical and luxurious.

The man who's whimsical might enjoy any number of personal electronics, such as a gaming system or DVD player. A practical man who's into cars, on the other hand, would appreciate a car alarm or even automotive parts. A man with a foot planted in both camps might enjoy something like a radar detector, a headset, or a telephone.

The Zen of Shopping

When you have many people on your gift list, it's important to keep yourself from getting caught up in shopping mania - going to the mall and grabbing whatever's available. Now that you have a list that has helped you define your relationships and determined the kinds of gifts each person might enjoy, why not take your time and shop online? Online mega malls have tens of thousands of items that would make perfect gifts. Best of all, they're often available at wholesale prices and the online stores can dropship them in a matter of a few days. No hassles, no worries, and your holiday shopping is complete!

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