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Collectible Bears Vie with Collectible Dolls for Collectors' Hearts

Collectible porcelain dolls are beautiful, baby dolls are adorable and artist dolls can be breathtaking. But for many people, collectible bears can't be beat for sheer heartwarming hug-ability. Their cuddliness and reassuring eyes are comforting, while their soft fur begs to be touched and squeezed.

If you are tempted to start your own collection of bears, or want to find the perfect collectible bear for a loved one, there are a number of manufacturers and artists that create beautiful collectible bears. Among them are:

Steiff: These German collectible bears are easily identified by the distinctive Steiff buttons in their ears. Steiff makes a variety of collections, including the Steiff Classic, Steiff Baby, Steiff Collection, and Steiff Cosy. The Cosy collection is affordable, soft, cuddly, and features bears and other animals.

Busser Bears by Leeann Snyder: Busser Bears are unique because each face is soft sculpted, and each bear has a "breather nose" that actually has nostrils. Snyder's collections include one-of-a-kind, limited editions, and open editions. In other words, there are collectible bears in every price range for every collector.

Annette Rauch: Annette Rauch is a master toymaker whose bears include a signature on the bottom. Limited edition Annette Rauch collectible bears are known for their careful handwork, attention to detail, and high quality materials.

Candi Bears: Made by Candi Taylor, these collectible bears typically have a double-jointed neck feature and always have a brand tape strip sewn into the leg seam.

Deb Canham: The English designer Deb Canham make miniature collectible bears that are perfect for the discerning collector. Made with German mohair, the bears are made in limited editions specifically for collectors. Each bear is numbered and has the artist's signature.

Finhold Gallery: The German Finhold Gallery bears are, by any definition, art. Featuring expressive faces, oversize noses, and soft mohair fur, Finhold Gallery bears are limited editions, one of a kind, or made to order.

Gaby Schlotz: Gaby Schlotz began making collectible bears as friends for her dolls, but they became her passion. Her Teddy Collection is made from mohair plush. Most notably, Gaby Schlotz bears are fully jointed, with up to eleven swivels that allow you to pose the bears in any number of positions. All Gay Schlotz collectible dolls and bears are accompanied by a numbered certificate of authenticity.

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