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NFL Picks – NFL Pre-Season, NFL Futures Betting Tips and Strategies

While other sports may have very little action outside their season, the NFL is different. NFL preseason betting and NFL futures betting is thing a very real, and very profitable thing. It's not just about betting on the preseason game, but on many other aspects of the upcoming season. While the sportsbooks start laying the odds for things like next year's Super Bowl winners and division winners, they'll release another barrage of odds with accompanying bets just after the NFL draft, which takes place this year on April 26 through April 28. If you're looking for some early NFL picks and NFL betting action, these tips can help you make your choices.

Super Bowl Futures

Super Bowl futures are probably the most popular of the NFL futures bets, though they can be hard bets to win. The earliest Super Bowl odds are going to be based on each team's performance the previous season, and that's how most people will be voting. The real trick is to figure out which team you think is ready to actually break out in the upcoming season. Don't just go for the teams at the top of the card there are some solid teams that have been building toward a playoff run for the past couple of years, and they'll often be posting longer odds, which means bigger payoffs. With all that said, you shouldn't tie up too much of your NFL betting bankroll in Super Bowl futures.

Conference Futures

Betting on NFL conference futures is a little safer. It's generally pretty easy to narrow down the NFC and AFC fields to three or four teams that have a good shot to win. Just check in with a winning sports handicapper for a decent evaluation of each team's chances in the new season. You'll want to look for teams with a solid defensive line, since that's far more important in winning championships than star power on the offense. It's usually a good idea to wait until after the draft and free agency periods are over so you can see how a team will look going into 2016 before placing bets on NFL conference futures.

Division Futures

While there's often some good value bets in division odds, it pays to be picky when choosing which teams you think will win a division. Stay away from divisions that have a highly favored front runner and some long distance runners up. When the odds are so solidly with one team, there's no real value to betting on them, and it's not likely for one of the long shots to make all the right moves to make a long shot bet worth making. Instead, place your bets in divisions that are expected to be a tight race between two teams, which gives you a better chance of picking the right team to cash in. That doesn't mean you should hold back if you have a really good feeling about a team with long odds. Keep your bets reasonable and go for it. There are always Cinderella teams.

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