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CLA Estate Services: What You Need to Know

It can be intimidating to embark on the process of estate planning, but CLA Estate Services is on a mission to remove the intimidation factor by providing education about senior estate planning to those who will benefit from it the most - seniors, retirees and those approaching retirement. For CLA, estate planning services are not just an abstract concept. They're very real strategies that help protect families financially at the most vulnerable times in their lives.

CLA Estate Services has been educating people about the importance of senior estate planning for close to 20 years. In a business that invites class action lawsuits because seniors are involved, CLA Estate Services complaints are so few that the Dallas Texas Better Business Bureau has given the company an A+ rating. According to the BBB, the high rating is based on the remarkably few number of complaints coupled with CLA's quick response to resolve any problems satisfactorily.

CLA-ES offers information about senior estate planning, surviving spouse benefits and the various methods of estate preservation at seminars and presentations around the country. CLA consultants provide attendees with information about the importance of planning ahead and the ways that a well-established plan can help protect individuals and their families, both financially and emotionally, during difficult times. They provide information and tools to help attendees begin to make plans to protect their assets and arrange for their distribution. CLA educators will help people ask the right questions and provide information so that individuals can arrange for the estate planning services and instruments that make the most sense for their own situations. In fact, one of the most important services provided by CLA Estate Services is assistance with organizing asset information and identifying their estate planning goals so that the person can more easily discuss their needs with their attorney.

Estate Planning and Wealth Preservation

For most people, estate planning is synonymous with making a will, but wills are only one part of a comprehensive estate plan. In fact, for many people, it makes more sense to arrange for different methods of transferring assets to their intended beneficiaries, often without losing access to those assets throughout their lives. Some of those methods include living trusts, beneficiary designations, insurance policies, annuities and gifting.

No one wants to see their nest egg dwindle away beneath unexpected expenses, fees and taxes. Effective estate planning can help reduce the impact of taxes, costs and legal fees, while still ensuring access to retirement funds if and when they're needed. CLA estate planning services can help seniors understand their options and make the necessary arrangements to see that their wishes will be carried out by their families and loved ones. No one should leave their wishes to chance when there are so many ways to ensure that they're carried out exactly as planned.

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