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The Importance of Estate Planning and CLA Estate Services

For more than a decade, CLA Estate Services has been providing education about estate planning to seniors throughout the country. Estate planning services may seem a bit esoteric - the fact is that most people spend more time planning their grocery shopping than they do planning their estates. While planning your meals for the week may be an important part of your week-to-week financial planning, senior estate planning should be a vital part of your long-term financial planning. Without a comprehensive blueprint for your estate, much of the nest egg you've accumulated with all those weeks of careful grocery planning could be lost or managed in a way that you never intended.

The Purpose of Estate Planning

Estate planning is a way to arrange your assets to ensure you are comfortably taken care of during your retirement and for an orderly transfer to your heirs upon your death. It involves identifying and organizing your assets, deciding who your beneficiaries and heirs will be, what each of them will get and how it will be transferred to them. When you take the time to plan out your estate, you can evaluate the possible tax consequences of various methods of handing down your estate and rearrange your assets to minimize those consequences. At the same time, you can ensure that you will have the liquidity you need to deal with unforeseen circumstances throughout the remainder of your life and that your family will not be saddled with unmet financial obligations upon your death.

Who Needs CLA Estate Services?

Once upon a time, estate planning was only important to those who were very wealth. Today, even middle-class folks who have invested wisely to build a retirement nest egg should consider estate planning services. CLA Estate Services' agents believe that everyone should understand the basics of estate planning so that they can make their own decisions about how to meet their financial and family goals throughout their lives and beyond.

Why Choose CLA Estate Services?

CLA Estate Services has been helping seniors understand the intricacies of estate and financial planning since 1998. In a field riddled with complaints and class action lawsuits, CLA Estate Services is proud to hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau in its home region, Dallas, Texas, as well as, being an Accredited Business in every state where it has an office.

Unlike many other companies that are little more than trust mills, CLA Estate Services was created to and focuses on the mission of educating seniors about estate planning and providing services to help seniors navigate and implement their planning. Its agents and staff are committed to giving seniors the information and tools they need to help make their own decisions about their estates and their families' futures. Don't take chances with your family's future. Learn how to protect your assets and secure your family's future with information from CLA Estate Services.

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