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What You Need to Know About Voltage Converters for Business Travel

A voltage converter can be a real lifesaver if you take frequent business trips to foreign countries. Imagine having to buy new electronics or small appliances in each country you visit. With business travel, you need to be available to travel at any moment. You need to have all your items ready to go without worry of having to find and purchase additional items when you arrive at your destination. So voltage converters may be your solution. Here's why.

What are Voltage Converters?

Also called transformers, these are devices designed to convert power from one voltage to another. If your appliance or electronic device requires a 110/120-volt outlet, which is standard in the United States, then you might need a converter for that device while in a different country. Europe, for instance, uses 220/240v outlets as a standard. Therefore, if traveling from the United States to Europe, you'll need a way to convert the power from your electronic products so they will work while in Europe.

Step Up and Down Converter

With a step up and down voltage converter, it can be used with either type of voltage conversion, whether 110/120v to 220/240v or vice versa. This means you can use the converter when traveling to various countries for business and never have to purchase new appliances wherever you go. Take along your own electric shaver, hair dryer, telephone, battery chargers, electric toothbrush, iron, etc. This will save you (and your company) on travel expenses.

Keep in mind that for smaller electronics, you'll likely only need a travel size voltage converter. Just be sure to check the voltage requirements for each appliance or electronic before plugging it in, and make sure the correct voltage is selected on the converter. Unplug items when not in use because many transformers are not designed to be used continuously. If you need converters for continuous use or for larger electronics, opt for a heavy-duty converter. Also consider a voltage regulator if visiting a country where the voltage is unstable. Whatever your needs, be sure to use transformers, converters and/or power strips with at 250v in countries that have a standard 220 voltage.

Presentations and Entertainment

Voltage converters can be used for DVD players as well. So if you need to carry along a region code free DVD player for entertainment or even a business presentation, you won't have to spend more money buying a new player for your trip. Use your player for on-site training or to make a sales pitch.

Buying Voltage Converters Online

Consider buying voltage converters online to find a variety of converters at a reasonable price. Look for features such as built-in cord (European standard), AC shock proof sockets, input jacks (American and European), durable cords, ventilated design, dual voltage mode, easy switch for turning on/off, and fuse protection with a replaceable fuse.

Many sites that sell voltage converters also offer deluxe automatic voltage regulators, region code free DVD players, multisystem TVs, DVD and VCR combos, power strips, adapters and more.

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