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Enhance Your Investigative Career with Real Spy Gear - Or Use It for Personal Needs

If you've seen ads or websites that offer real spy gear, you wonder if it's the real deal or simply the equivalent of movie props. It's true...real spy gear is available to help you with daily job tasks as well as for personal needs. You can go online or visit a local spy gear superstore if there's one nearby to find amazing modern-day spy equipment such as covert video cameras, telephone recorders, DNA collection kits and more.

Spy Gear on the Job

Your career might require you to do investigative work even if you're not a national spy or private investigator. Detectives, law enforcement officers, government agents, corporations and even lawyers may have need of spy gear from time to time. Any career that requires an individual to gather crucial knowledge or proof of an incident can be enhanced with high quality spy equipment.

Imagine being able to record phone conversations with a telephone recorder. This can come in handy whether you're trying to investigate a crime or record sales conversations between your company's phone reps and potential customers! What if you can use a covert video camera to record happenings at a certain place of business?

Real time GPS tracking devices can be used to track vehicles, pets or people! If you're a police officer or detective, your job will be much easier with investigative equipment such as audio recorders, hidden security cameras, DNA collection kits and other spy gear. You'll be able to catch criminals in the act or at least by their words when using the equipment safely and wisely. If you're a private investigator, real spy gear can help you uncover vital evidence for your clients without revealing your identity.

Spy Gear for Personal Use

Even if your job doesn't require spy gear, there are a number of personal uses for individuals. If you suspect your spouse of cheating, a spy digital camera, covert GPS tracking device or telephone recorder can help you find out for sure. If you need to track your son or daughter to verify their whereabouts and safety, you can use a real time GPS tracking product such as the Quick Track Pro. It has a Slap-N-Track magnetic mount box that can easily be attached to a vehicle for covert tracking! Your son or daughter will never suspect that you are tracking the vehicle, and you can have peace of mind knowing where they are at all times.

If you need to hire a new nanny for your small child, hidden nanny cams can easily be installed in your home so you'll know exactly how your child is being treated when you're not at home. For recording conversations, snapping still photos or taking video without being noticed, consider buying a key chain audio recorder or key chain video recorder DVR. These are small key chain devices that are very easy to use on the spot when you need to capture a photo or conversation. You don't have to worry about being noticed as you would with larger devices.

Protect your home 24/7 with home security cameras. These can be placed strategically near entrance points to deter burglars, and will enable you to view playback if an incident does occur. A good way to deter thieves is to have both visible and covert video cameras (in case a burglar tries to destroy the visible cameras). You can also place security signs near entrances, displaying that your home is protected with an alarm system and video surveillance.

If you need to record a phone conversation while engaged in other activities, an amplification mic (for cell phones) enables you to do so with ease. Record conversations while driving, riding your bike, etc. It works well with a micro recorder so you won't have to worry with bulky audio recorders.

Use the Web to find high quality, real spy gear to meet your needs. While some areas have a local spy store, many locations do not. But the good news is you can shop online and have real spy gear shipped directly to your door. Look for brand names you can trust, and always read descriptions and features carefully before ordering. You'll be using real spy gear just like the pros in no time!

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