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Save on Printing Expenses without Sacrificing Quality with a Compatible Printer Cartridge

If you own any type of printer for personal or business use, then you realize that changing out the printer cartridge is simply a part of life. Printers operate on ink, whether through black and color ink cartridges or a laser toner cartridge. Both require replacement when the ink or toner runs out, and some are easier to find at an affordable price than others. After all, most printer manufacturers price their printers so reasonably because they charge such high prices for replacement cartridges. Here are some quick tips about buying compatible cartridges without sacrificing print quality.

What are Compatible Printer Cartridges?

A compatible cartridge, also called generic, is one that is manufactured by a third party company as an after-market product. These are designed to work seamlessly with name brand printers. They can substitute for Dell toner, Brother toner, IBM toner, HP color cartridges or HP toner, Lexmark toner, etc. It's important to understand the difference between high quality compatible color or laser printer cartridges and cheaply made ones that are often imported from other countries, which may leak or damage a printer.

Compatible printer cartridges are either 100 percent new or remanufactured. These are rebuilt or refurbished products that are made from original cartridges. Rebuilt with brand new parts, they are guaranteed to work the same as cartridges directly from the original manufacturer. Please note that using a compatible printer cartridge will not void your printer's warranty. They are built to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) standards so they will perform as well as or better than OEM cartridges. They also yield the same amount of pages so true money savings can be realized if you normally do a lot of printing.

Perfect for Businesses

If you own a business that requires ongoing printing, you might easily print hundreds or thousands of pages per week. The more you print, the faster your laser printer toner or ink cartridges will run out. This means having to pay out every time for new cartridges. With compatible cartridges, you can get quality replacements at a fraction of the cost without worrying that your printing will be sub-standard. You might even get a discount if ordering in bulk - it's a two-fold benefit!

MICR Toner

MICR (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition) toner is used to print specific symbols and numerals. These are used to print bank checks and other important documents in the United States as well as many other countries. It's crucial to buy MICR toner of the highest quality, especially when buying a compatible printer cartridge. These are used by banks and other check-printing companies, and low quality cartridges can cause a suspicion of fraud or counterfeiting. Compatible products are available for Dell MICR, IBM MICR, HP MICR, Canon MICR and Lexmark MICR.

When buying a compatible cartridge online, you can use specific search terms or visit a well known, secure website with a good customer rating. Search terms should be based on the brand and model you're buying the cartridge for, such as HP printer cartridges, Lexmark printer cartridges, Dell printer cartridge or Brother printer cartridge.

When ordering online, be sure to read all the terms of sale, guarantees and how the cartridges are manufactured. With the right printer cartridge store, you can save hundreds of dollars on good quality printer products!

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