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Electronics Accessories Like iPod Remotes Fit Your Lifestyle

When Abraham Lincoln was trudging miles through the snowy Illinois winter to go to school, remote controls were not anywhere on the radar screen in his active brain. Electricity wasn't even in his awareness. He certainly was not listening to his iPod on his long walks, nor could he call his mother on his iPhone to tell her he would be late in case he got slowed down on his trek or had to stay after school.

Needless to say, remote controls, iPods, and iPhones are important parts of fast-paced life in the 21st century, but of course they were not always around. Zenith marketed the first television remote in 1950. But it wasn't wireless: a wire connected the remote, called Lazy Bones, to the television. The first wireless remote came on the scene about six years later, but it was limited in what it could control. It wasn't until the late 1970s that engineers developed a multi-function wireless remote for television. It could change channels, raise or lower the sound, focus the picture, and of course turn the set on and off. The Consumer Electronics Association estimates the average American home now has four remote controls, even more if they have a home theatre. Wireless remote controls regulate fans, lights, air conditioners, and iPods and iPhones-to name just a few of the convenient applications.

Early remote controls worked only over short distances and in the absence of physical barriers such as walls. Now consumers can connect their iPods and iPhones from another floor, from outside, or from their cars or motorcycles. The device can be in a backpack, a tote bag, a glove compartment or a locker and still be controlled by a remote. It's a cinch to control iTunes, Music Matchbox, and other computer music players. Talking about iPhones, iPods, and other electronics with touch screens...they do get dirty and scratched. An invisible shield provides a super-thin film that is clear and indestructible. It's a great way to protect screens and keep them looking sharp. A cell phone case provides even greater protection, especially for active people.

Just like today's consumers cannot picture the inventions of the future, Abe could not have imagined the electronic accessories that most people use every day. Mobile antennas improve reception, chargers make it possible to charge a cellular phone from a PC, and belt holsters keep phones handy. Ear buds and headsets are essential yet cheap cell phone accessories. Hands-free headsets are gaining popularity as evidence of the dangers of driving and holding a cell phone mount.

Some accessories for electronics are designed for a particular brand, but many are universal. With universal phone cases, belt clips and holsters, mounts, connectors, power supplies, and headsets it's possible to replace electronics with different brands without having to replace the accessories. And peel and stick blings go anywhere!

The challenges of living in the 21st century are different than those Abe Lincoln faced in the 19th. Consumer electronics help the people of today rise to these challenges, and accessories make it even easier.

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