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An iPod Remote is Perfect for Motorcycle Owners

If two of your favorite hobbies are riding your motorcycle and listening to music, then you'll love the iPod remote. When iPods first came out, people flocked to buy them...including those who love to ride. Initially, however, it wasn't easy to ride and listen at the same time. These unique electronic devices allow users to listen to all their favorite tunes while riding, jogging, working out at the gym, relaxing by the pool, or even while on the job.

There's no denying that iPods have revolutionized the way people listen to music, with the capability to save many, many songs from CDs by various artists into one small device. One drawback to using an iPod while doing certain activities such as driving a motorcycle, riding a bike, jogging, etc. is the iPod itself can be difficult to control without being distracted. Its small buttons can create a distraction and possibly cause loss of control when on a motorcycle.

The iPod remote enables you to increase or decrease volume, rewind and fast forward, play, pause and stop songs...all while coasting along on the highway. As a motorcycle rider, you'll want to be able to do these tasks with the least amount of hassle. As mentioned above, the iPod's buttons are difficult to press without concentration. But the handheld iPod remote has REAL buttons...not those tiny membrane ones!

Easy to Clip On

The iPod remote control comes with two types of clips. One of the clips enables you to mount your iPod remote onto the motorcycle handlebar for quick, easy access. Store your iPod device away in a backpack, your coat pocket or a side bag to protect it from the weather as well as damage from a possible fall. No more worry about dropping your iPod while zooming down the highway at 55 mph!

Apple iPhone Remote Too

If you also own an Apple iPhone, iJet has released a two-way LCD iPod remote that controls both the iPod and iPhone for music features. It can be a real time saver when you're on the road and enjoy using your iPhone for music as well.

Features of the iPod Remote

The iPod remote is water resistant and has nine functions. It also has a signal that reaches up to 150 feet away. Its powerful signal can travel around corners and through walls! You can hook your iPod up to your stereo and control it from anywhere in your home or yard with the iPod remote. Planning a party soon? Entertain your guests with stereo sound and impress them with your new "iPod capabilities!"

* Tips: When riding a motorcycle, test the volume levels of your iPod to be sure your music doesn't drown out important sounds (i.e. car horns, trains, emergency sirens, etc.). Also, be sure your iPod remote is located in a place that's easy to reach without distracting you from the road.

If you feel an iPod remote will add to your motorcycle enjoyment, check out online stores that sell these and other related electronics. You can easily buy other items while shopping at an online store to save on shipping costs. You'll find cheap cell phone accessories such as Invisible Shield screen protectors/covers, Blackberry Storm phones, PDA and MP3 products, touch screen guards, etc. And don't forget to add the iPod remote to your gift list for other motorcycle friends!

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