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What You Need to Know About Consumer Electronics for Prolonged Stays Overseas

More than ever before, people are traveling the world. In today's world of consumer electronics and frequent travel, it's important to know how electricity works and the voltage requirements in any foreign country where you plan to visit. This is especially true if you're planning a prolonged stay in a foreign land or if moving there permanently.

If you live in the United States, then you know that the standard voltage in the US is 110/120 volts. In many other countries, however, the standard is 220/240 volts. While basic voltage converters or transformers will work just fine for traveling overseas on a quick business trip or just to visit someone, some converters are only to be used for the short term. This means that if you plan to stay in a foreign country for several months or even years, then you'll be better off just buying new appliances or electronic devices.

Where to Buy?

Since the standard in America is 110/120 volts, you'll likely not find 220/240 volt appliances in the local department or discount store. In fact, you might have to shop online to buy items with the desired voltage. But there's good news! Some online stores that sell voltage converters also sell many appliances and electronics that you can use in other countries.

Types of Appliances

You probably don't realize just how many household appliances there are in your home UNTIL you get ready to move. And when you need to move to a foreign country, the realization can hit you like a ton of bricks! There are the necessary consumer electronics that most households have, such as power tools, shavers, coffee makers, toasters, deep fryers, fans, slow cookers, irons, small heaters, countertop grills, vacuum cleaners and more. Small electronic devices may include hair dryers, curling irons, handheld vacuums, etc. Then there are the convenient items such as espresso cappuccino machines, juicers, blenders, popcorn makers and ice cream makers. These all likely need a voltage converter if you plan to use them overseas.

Tips for an Easy Transition

If you have a few months to prepare, then take an assessment of all the consumer electronics and appliances in your home. Write them down and mark off any that you don't really need or that you don't use very often. Those that you really do need should be considered as a new purchase. You can buy the items online either before or after the move. If there are items you won't really need during the move process, consider buying those after the move if possible so you won't have to ship the items again!

Buying all new consumer electronics might seem to be a hassle, but it will be worth it when you arrive at your new home. Converting 110v to 220 volts with a voltage converter for the long term is just not practical with certain household items. And you'll want to get settled in as much as possible if staying abroad for months or years.

Browse online stores that offer step up and down voltage converters, adapters and similar products to find high quality appliances and electronics that have the voltage that your destination country requires. You can also shop at these same online stores to find multisystem LCD plasma and LED TVs with dual voltage, and other consumer electronics to fit your needs and budget!

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