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Specially Designed Cellphone for Seniors Provides Peace of Mind

Cellphones are omnipresent in our society. And they're not only used for talking, but also for fun, photos, videos, e-mail, travel communication, Internet access, work and more. However, not everyone has equal access to the cellphone revolution. Though many seniors do own cellphones, some find it difficult to use them. That's why companies are beginning to manufacture cellphones for seniors with many convenient features. Let's see how these work, and what benefits they offer.

While cellphones are fairly easy to use for the younger generation, they can pose problems for anyone with hearing or vision problems. Seniors sometimes have a difficult time using small devices if their hands tend to be shaky or if they have arthritis. If they have problems with eyesight or hearing, then using a regular cellphone can be very frustrating. With the new cellphones for seniors that are entering the market, seniors will find it much easier to use the cellphone for everyday use as well as emergencies.

Easy-to-Use Features for Seniors

Some companies have created a cellphone with large buttons that are easy to see and push. These easy-to-use cellphones work great for seniors and can be used at home or away from the home. Many seniors still work or volunteer at a local charity. Some choose to sit with others who are sick or in need of companionship. Having a cellphone that works for them enables them to keep in touch with loved ones throughout the day. These are also useful for elderly persons who stay in adult daycare or a full time nursing home facility.

Another useful feature is the amplification of sound. Amplified cellphones for the elderly can easily be turned up more than regular cellphones so the user can hear even the lowest tone of voice without effort. For emergency situations, some cellphones for seniors have an SOS button on the back, which when pressed, dials five contact numbers (pre-programmed into the phone) simultaneously while making a loud noise to attract attention. This also activates the speakerphone so the phone's owner can speak into the phone even if he is unable to hold the phone in a talking position.

Other features to look for in a cellphone for seniors is longer battery capacity, a built-in flashlight for coming home after dark, an easy-to-activate speaker phone, and lock mechanisms for the large buttons when the phone's not in use.

You'll find that cellphones for the elderly are just as affordable as regular cellphones, but can help your grandparent, parent or friend enjoy the benefits of a cellphone with ease. Cellphones for seniors make great gifts for parents on Mother's or Father's Day, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, or any occasion. Just think of the enjoyment they'll have with a cellphone that makes life a little easier!

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