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Home and Office Flat Screen Mounting Solutions

Sleek and practical. Mounting your flat screen monitor offers multiple advantages. It frees up space on your work area, places your monitor at the ergonomically correct height and angle and allows you to adjust your monitor to best suit the way you work. In an office setting, the right flat screen mounting solution allows staff to turn the screen so that clients or coworkers can view it, or tilt it to ensure privacy. Manufacturers of high quality flat screen mounting hardware and flat screen mounts offer a variety of styles and types of mounting devices, each of them suited for specific uses, whether in your home, at the office or in your home office.

Desk Mounts

A desk mount gets your monitor up off the desk surface and puts it at eye level. This serves the dual purpose of freeing up desk space for you to use and reducing eye strain and muscle strain that results from trying to read a monitor that is set too low and at the wrong angle. A dual monitor desk mount allows you to use a multiple monitor set up, or, if the monitors are mounted back to back, mounts two monitors for workers opposite each other. There are monitor mounts that are designed for use with most monitors, including Apple VESA mount solutions that can be used with Apple monitors or with Apple VESA mount adapters.

Wall Mounts

Mounting your monitor the wall provides more flexibility than most desk monitor mounts. Unlike typical plasma TV wall mounts, monitor mounts often feature articulated arms that allow you to move one or more monitors into exactly the position you need. The ideal flat screen mounting in situations where multiple people may be using a display over the course of the day, as in a medical practice exam room or design showroom. The best mounts allow easy tilting, turning and adjusting of the screen to allow two or more users to view it at the same time.

Corner Wall Mount

A corner wall mount is often the perfect flat screen mounting solution in a waiting room or reception area. By mounting the screen on a corner TV mount, you allow viewing from all angles for patients and others waiting for an appointment. At home, a corner TV mount gives you the flexibility to rearrange your room layout without having to take a fixed TV position into consideration.

Mobile Flat Screen Mounting Solutions

You can even find flat screen mounts for when you're on the go. An easy-to-install iPad headrest mount gets the iPad out of the hands of your passengers and puts it where it will be easiest to view and enjoy. Not only will it cut down on the arguments about who's holding the iPad, it will keep your tablet, pad computer or e-reader a lot safer than it would be in the hands of a passenger.

Choosing the right flat screen mounting solution provides a safe, secure place for your flat screen monitor or plasma television while freeing up tabletop or desktop space to use for other things. Learn more about the many types of flat screen mounts and mounting hardware when you visit the top manufacturers of flat screen mounting solutions online.

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