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The iPad Swoon: Five Must-Have Electronics Accessories

While the iPad has had stratospheric sales, most people aren't quite ready to trade in their original iPads for the updated version. There are, however, lots of accessories on the market for the iPad... accessories that can make your iPad safer, snazzier or more fun. If you're an electronics buff, you'll want these five must-have accessories for your iPad - or whichever tablet you happen to prefer.

Wireless or Bluetooth Keyboard

The iPad's touchscreen features are nifty, but sometimes that onscreen keyboard can make your life difficult. If you're going to use your tablet for email or any word processing tasks, you're going to want a real keyboard. One of the coolest options is a combo folio/Bluetooth keyboard for the iPad, which holds your iPad in a comfortable working position in relation to your iPad. It all folds into a neat little folio for carrying, so can sit yourself down at your favorite coffee shop, open your folio and work to your heart's content. Much slicker than tap-tap-tapping with a fingertip on the screen. A wireless keyboard will run you about $50, while Bluetooth is in the $65 range.

Wireless Mouse

While you're at it, a wireless mouse comes in handy when you're working with a keyboard. Pick up a mini Microsoft wireless mouse for about $15. Our pick? A slick model that comes in as many colors as there are case colors for most tablets. If Bluetooth is more your flavor, check out the slickly designed Logitech V470. Sleek lines and no need to tie up a USB slot make it a total winner in the portability wars. Again, it's not the kind of thing you'd whip out on the train, but if you're working at the coffee shop or on your back porch, the keyboard and mouse can turn your iPad or tablet into your favorite computer alternative.

Kickstand or iPad Viewstand

Sure, it's light enough to cart around with you, but sometimes you want your hands free while you're watching a movie or following along with your favorite cooking show. An iPad kickstand holds your tablet at just the right angle for comfortable viewing or typing, without using one of your hands to hold it in place. An acrylic iPad kickstand will set you back about $15.

Privacy Filter

When you're out in public with your iPad, it's just natural for other people to want to get a glimpse. Protect your privacy with a filter that distorts the image on your screen unless it's viewed straight on. The acrylic screens are available in a range of colors, and run about $30.

NetPack Gift Pack

What could make your iPad even better? How about the few things it doesn't have natively? The iHome 3-in-1 Netpack is designed to work with netbooks, but works equally well with your iPad or tablet. It contains three must-have computer accessories for any traveler-a mini mouse, a set of ear buds and a 4-port USB hub so that you can hook up any other necessary peripherals. With the limited USB ports on most tablets, the hub alone is worth the $21 price tag.

You'll find excellent deals on these and other electronics at many online marketplaces. Shop around to get the best prices and deals.

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