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Choosing the Best Digital Electronics: 5 Questions to Ask

Since their introduction, the price of personal electronics, like MP3 players, digital cameras and digital camcorders, has dropped dramatically. At the same time, the quality and features available has increased dramatically. And because of this, you can buy digital cameras for as little as $40 or pay more than $1,000. Likewise, you'll find $15 MP3 players if you shop around, as well as some costing in the hundreds of dollars. For most people, the best choice for personal electronics lies somewhere in the middle. To help you decide which MP3 player, camcorder or digital camera is the best one for you, consider these five questions to help you determine how to make your best buy:

1. Who will be using it? Whether you're choosing an MP3 player or a digital camcorder, the single most important factor in your choice should be the person who will be using it. The perfect music player for your teenage son is probably not the best choice if you're giving it to your mother to listen to audio books, or for your 8-year-old daughter to watch her favorite videos. Consider the intended user's technological sophistication, tastes and needs to help you make the best choice of personal electronics.

2. What will it be used for? Consider the most likely uses for your digital camera, camcorder or MP3 player when making your choice. Your 15-year-old daughter may want a digital camera to snap photos of her friends and share them digitally. The camera that's best for her will probably be a big disappointment to your 18-year-old who wants to take photos for her artist's portfolio.

3. How important is size? Miniaturization is big these days, but sometimes small is a tradeoff for other features. A credit card sized digital camera is a nifty novelty, but the small size and convenience comes at the expense of lens flexibility. You can buy MP3 players that are no bigger than a button, but if you want a screen, you may need to look for something bigger. If portability is important, go small, but be aware of what you may be giving up.

4. What's your budget? Obviously, your budget is a big consideration in choosing any piece of personal electronics, but there's more to it than how much you can afford. Keep in mind your answers to the other questions above when deciding. For example, if you're buying a digital camera for your 12-year-old son, you'll be far less upset when he leaves a $40 camcorder on the bus than you would be if he'd lost a $250 digital camera.

5. How versatile is it? An MP3 or MP4 player that only plays one file format seriously limits your ability to play the music you want. Check to see how many file formats are supported by the personal electronics that record or play files, and be sure that any one you choose has USB connections to allow you to upload and download photos, videos and music to your and from your computer.

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