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Cyber Clean: Eliminating Dirt, Germs and Bacteria the High-Tech Way

Most of us face a never-ending battle with dirt and dust and grime every day of our lives. It can get pretty tedious, and you've probably tried all sorts of products and ways to stay on top of things. Cleaning isn't fun, so finding the right product that gets the job done is paramount. Now there's something entirely new, an interesting high-tech cleaning compound called Cyber Clean. It's a bit of a mystery as to exactly how it works, but definitely sounds promising, and here's why:

To get things really clean we're used to lots of chemicals, lots of water and towels or sponges, and a good deal of scrubbing. Cyber Clean changes all of that with a novel cleaning compound that is making cleaning a very simple task. "How simple?" you may ask. So simple that all you have to do is press the cleaning compound against a dirty and germ-infested area and the dirt and grime gets absorbed right into the product that sort of looks like gooey putty.

This miraculous Cyber Clean compound that picks up dust and crumbs and all sorts of debris comes in two different forms for different cleaning needs. The household/office version is yellow, and then there is an automotive version that is blue. The compound lasts a good long time, and then changes color when it needs to be replaced. The yellow compound turns green and the blue compound turns a grayish brown. On average, each compound lasts upwards of 75 uses.

You can't wash Cyber Clean and it's simply disposed of when the color changes. However, it is biodegradable and won't harm your skin or the environment. It's non-toxic and has a pH-value of 7.0, which is similar to human skin. Cyber Clean can feel sticky or slippery to the touch, but that's usually not because of the compound, but because of sweat, soaps or lotions on your skin.

What makes this high-tech cleaning compound so unique? Well, for one thing the ability to reach areas that have up until now been impossible to reach and clean. Cyber Clean reaches deep into nooks and crannies for the most thorough and effective cleanings possible, even with difficult things like keyboards and such. It kills germs and bacteria, and its ability to absorb dirt and grime within the compound is another unique property. And unlike with brushes or rags, the nasty stuff goes into the compound and cannot just fall or blow away.

Cyber Clean can be used virtually anywhere and it cleans just about anything. If you're concerned about germs on surfaces hundreds of other people have touched -- such as door handles, light switches, handrails, gas pump keypads, ATM keypads, shopping card handles, elevator buttons, vending machine keypads, hotel room key cards, or TV remotes -- take some of the compound with you when you go places so you can eliminate germs from anything you touch.

In your home you can use Cyber Clean to sanitize your children's toys, pet toys, thermostats, counter tops, refrigerator door handles, books, sports equipment, and even handle your auto cleaning needs. Imagine a compound that will even clean a sponge you use in your kitchen! With Cyber Clean, you're not only able to eliminate dirt like never before, you can also cut the spreading of germs and bacteria. Now there's a kind of high-tech that makes sense not only to nerds and geeks!

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