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After Your Selling Course for the Unemployed: 14 Interview Tips

You've completed your selling course for the unemployed. You feel a well-deserved sense of satisfaction. You performed wonderfully in all of your practical exercises, and feel ready to tackle a real life job in sales (and all the six-figure incomes it may be able to generate!). But first, you have to get through the hurdle of the job interview ... and nerves about the possibility of getting a life-changing job often make you forget to apply all of those newly learned sales skills to yourself! Today we check out 14 ultra-fast tips for success in sales job interviews.

1. Stand up straight!
Don't slouch, either when you're walking into the interview room or when you're sitting in the interview chair.

2. Keep eye contact ... but not too much
You'll need to maintain eye contact to seem friendly, but too much will make you look more than a bit creepy! Ask your sales course instructors for feedback on your eye contact level.

3. Smile
Smiling may feel unnatural at first, but one of the fantastic things about smiling is that just doing it, even if you don't feel it, can make you happier.

4. Be on time
And by on time, I mean at least 10 minutes early. For group interviews, aim for 15-20 minutes early.

5. Love yourself
If you're not feeling confident in yourself you'll do poorly. Get someone else, who you trust and who is honest, to give you a pre-interview pep talk.

6. Exercise that morning
Related to the above, exercise creates endorphins, making it easier to feel good about yourself and the interviewer.

7. Eat breakfast
You might have butterflies, but force some food around them so that you don't get lightheaded at a crucial time.

8. Do your research
Many interview questions will relate to the company specifically, so know you stuff on your potential employer.

9. Don't be afraid to be unique
If you act like one of the crowd, you'll have little better than a random chance of being chosen. Be yourself, craziness, flaws, fascinations and all.

10. Think about your benefits
More than just your skills, think about the benefits you could bring to the company.

11. Be honest
If you aren't, it will come back to bite you.

12. Know which questions you don't have to answer
If you're asked about your age, marital status, sexual preference or religion, you are within your rights not to answer ... and you should probably consider whether the firm is worth working for if they hire on the basis of these surface characteristics.

13. Think of questions that you want to ask
Asking questions yourself shows that you're truly interested in the position and have thought it through in your mind.

14. Ask for feedback
If you didn't get the job, make sure you ask for feedback. Don't be shy to ask the interviewer to be more specific than "We didn't feel you'd be a good fit for the company". Use the questioning and active listening skills you developed in your selling course for the unemployed!

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