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How to Handle Difficult Interview Questions and Answers After Your Selling Course

Most of us prepare for interviews by thinking of possible questions that we might be asked, and then outlining how we're going to answer them. If you've recently done a selling course for the unemployed (and especially if you're going for a sales job!), you are probably thinking of how you can work your sales skills into the interview also! But all too often, interviewers throw in trick questions to see if you'll get tripped up or miss the mark. Today, we look at the 'right' answers, and the right WAY to answer, those curly questions in job interviews.

Why didn't you work for so long?
The main reason that you were out of work for some time may have been that you were having mental health issues, that you had to care for sick relatives, or that you just couldn't find anyone that deserved you and didn't want to settle for less!

If you catch this question, answer honestly, but try to emphasize the fact that you were considering your next move, getting training through employment courses and sales courses, etc.

Why did you leave this job?
There are 'acceptable' and 'unacceptable' reasons to leave jobs in employers' eyes. Some of the unacceptable reasons include:
* You couldn't get along with the boss/coworkers/customers (may happen in this job too)
* They wanted you to learn to do new things (indicates you aren't a go-getter)
* You were caught doing something that is gravely against company policy - stealing, being rude to customers, having sexual relations on the grounds, etc.

However, you don't need to lie in your next job interview. Just remember that there are a myriad of reasons that we usually leave jobs, and pick one of the most relevant from the 'CLAMPS' list:
* Challenge
* Location
* Advancement
* Money
* Pride and/or prestige
* Security (the company itself wasn't stable enough)

Why do you want to work with us?
You'll really need to do some research about the company to answer this ... and if the question catches you unawares, or there just isn't any info available, focus on what you think you'll enjoy about the position itself.

What would you like to be doing five years from now?
Unless you only want a job where the management is happy with you leaving after a short stay, it's best to focus on being with that particular company in 5 years time. Yes, even if that isn't quite true ... this is a common white lie, and could just as easily be true at the time!

Focus on being in a role slightly above the one you're applying for, and with a manager that helps you grow. Say that you want to have extra skills in your chosen field, and that you'd like to be regarded as a professional at your job. This is completely true, and helps you maximize your chances of getting a job through your sales course or your find a better job course.

What are your pet hates?
This is a difficult question because it is hard not to be viewed as a complainer! Think of just one or two. Choose things that align with your personal values, and you know all bosses dislike also, such as:
* Poor communication
* Office politics / gossip
* Inefficiency
* Tardiness
* Poor spelling or failure to proofread
* Excessive talking in work hours

When you can master the difficult interview questions, your selling course for the unemployed will really pay off in the form of a great job!

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