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Why Learn the Brazilian Language?

Why should you learn to speak the Brazilian language as a second language? First, let's be clear. While many people think that the official Brazilian language is Spanish, it's not. The official language of Brazil, spoken by 100 percent of its population is Brazilian Portuguese. When you speak about learning the language of Brazil, you're talking about learning Portuguese - though it's somewhat different than the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. But why learn Brazilian Portuguese rather than another new language? Here are a few reasons.


Many people like to learn a new language when they travel to other countries. Understanding the language makes travel easier and more fun. Brazil is the most popular South American country with tourists. If you're planning to travel to Sao Paolo, Rio de Janiero or Ipanema, learning to speak the Brazilian language will definitely get you noticed and make your travels easier.


As the B in BRIC, Brazil is positioned to become one of the major economic powers of the world over the next decade. Sao Paolo is already the financial capital of Latin America, with many U.S. financial companies locating offices there. Learning how to speak Brazilian Portuguese is a smart career move, especially if you're looking for a job in the financial industry.

Outreach and Translation

Many major cities have a vital, active, and growing Brazilian population, and there's always a need for Portuguese to English translators and interpreters. If you'd enjoy a career doing immigrant outreach, translations, it makes sense to learn to speak and read Brazilian Portuguese. In addition to that type of outreach, many businesses need translation work for contracts and other business papers. Because Brazil is one of the U.S. biggest trading partners, you'll find plenty of work translating documents from Portuguese to English or English to Portuguese.

Easy to Learn

It's easy to learn Portuguese. You'll find yourself quickly translating entire sentences in your head because you'll recognize many of the words. It's even easier to learn Brazilian Portuguese if you already know a little Spanish, French or Italian, all of which share a common linguistic root with Portuguese. That works the other way as well. If you learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese, you'll find it much easier to learn or understand French, Italian and the Portuguese spoken in Portugal.

Where to Learn the Brazilian Language

There are many places to learn to speak Brazilian Portuguese, though you may have trouble finding Portuguese lessons in your hometown. It's easy to find Portuguese lessons online, however, and it's fun to learn a foreign language online. What should you look for in a site to learn the Brazilian language?

* Access to interactive Brazilian Portuguese lessons on various platforms
* Portuguese to English phrase and vocabulary lists
* Fun exercises like Brazilian language crossword puzzles
* Chat to practice your foreign language skills
* Brazilian language resources, including grammar lessons and explanations

Learning a new language offers many benefits. When the new language you learn is the Brazilian language - Brazilian Portuguese - you'll be learning a language that can help you with fun and business.

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