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Easy Print Your Own Calendars

Create beautiful personalized calendars with simple web-based services, then print and share them as PDF files.
Added Sun Sep 14 2008

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Quilting Books and Ideas for Kids

Teach your daughter quilting as a life-long skill she can use again and again..
Added Sat Aug 30 2008

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Holiday Crafts for Kids

Want to spend quality time with your kids during the holidays? If you're a teacher, do you want to teach your students about the history of a particular holiday? Holiday crafts for kids can help you teach while the children enjoy fun activities...
Added Sat Aug 30 2008

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Kids Educational Crafts

Crafts are fun but they can also be educational. Here are some unique craft ideas to help your kids learn while having fun....
Added Sat Aug 30 2008

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Crafts for Kids and Adults

The recent resurgence of interest in crafts is not only a matter of economics. Itís also a reflection of peopleís new environmental sensibilities.
Added Sun Aug 03 2008

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Wholesale Candle Making Supplies

If you love candles, the chances are good that you'll love candlemaking. Once you find Texas wholesale candle making supplies, you'll be well on your way to creating your own signature candles and adding a warm glow to many homes.
Added Sun Jun 15 2008

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Enjoying Wild Backyard Birds

It doesn't take much effort to make your backyard a friendlier place for your feathered friends - and beautify your home at the same time. Here are some ways to get started....
Added Thu Apr 10 2008

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Learn How to Knit - for Beginners

Want to learn how to knit? Here are some basics about knitting and how to benefit from online knitting classes...
Added Mon Dec 10 2007

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Learn to Tie Dye!

While intricate tie dying is truly an art, you and your family can have loads of fun at home making your own tie dye creations.
Added Fri Mar 09 2007

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Online Shopping for Diecast Models

If you enjoy tinkering with diecast models as a hobby, here are some great tips for finding model kits and building them...
Added Thu Nov 30 2006

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Trend: Personalized Products

Personalized products are always a hit, and making custom jewelry with crystal letters and other embellishments is a great activity for a party or a get together with friends.
Added Fri Jul 28 2006

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Collectible Dolls Inspire Passion

Every woman can think back to her childhood and reminisce about her favorite baby dolls. These treasured memories are the reason that collectible dolls are so popular today.
Added Sun Jun 25 2006

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