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Make Your Own Personalized Stationery with a Custom Embosser

People (and the media) would have you believe that letter writing is a lost art. In reality, despite the popularity of email and other electronic communication, letter writing remains important to business and personal life. Letters serve as confirmation of business agreements and add a personal touch that's simply missing from electronic communication. Many people still find the act of writing a letter very satisfying. And there is no denying the pleasure of receiving a hand-written letter on personalized stationery in your old-fashioned mailbox. If you want to continue the fine tradition of letter writing, consider getting a custom embosser or stamp for your personalized stationery and gifts.

Embossing creates a three-dimensional or raised image on paper or fabrics. You'll never mistake a photocopy for an embossed design, because you can actually feel an image that is embossed. You can order wedding invitations, personalized kids' stationery, baby address labels, and even custom aprons with custom artwork. Or, you can have a custom embossing sticker made; with a simple desk embosser you can apply your own custom artwork to whatever medium you choose. If you have ever had something notarized, you probably watched the notary press down on an embosser to apply the official seal to your document. That's embossing.

Now, embossing is not the same as stamping. Stamping creates a flat, or one-dimensional, image. Stamps used to come with inkpads, but now most are self-inking or pre-inked. It's easy for a printing company to make a round or rectangular stamp with your custom artwork, logo, or text. You'll find it's a lot easier to stamp your return address on your envelopes than write it out, especially when it comes to sending invitations, thank you notes, or holiday cards. If you need to put names of clothes for camp or the laundry, a custom name stamp is the way to go.

Fold over note cards without personalization complement personalized self-inking stampers. All you do is apply your custom-made stamp to the outside of the note card and write your message inside. You can choose from any number note card designs, from subtle and traditional to modern and colorful, all of which have the perfect space reserved for your distinctive stamp.

Nowadays an address label doesn't just have to have your name and address. You can order a family stick figure address stamp with a picture and name for each family member, even your pets! How cute is that for your own family or as a personalized stationery gift!

One online print shop specializes Asian wedding invitations, which feature cherry blossoms and other typically Asian designs. Candles, coasters, and favors boxes add to the Oriental theme. You can also choose wedding invitations with more playful or more formal designs. For a truly unforgettable invitation include a matching magnet with the response card.

A quality print shop will work with you to incorporate your ideas and designs into custom embossers, stamps, stationery, and accessories. For little more than the cost of store-bought stationery, you can have professional-quality and personal invitations that show your guests how much they mean to you and how important your special event is to you.

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