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Kids of All Ages Love Holiday Crafts

When it comes to holidays, it seems like they're made for kids. Most schools are out on holidays, and there are often numerous parties and fun activities leading up to a holiday. And what better way to celebrate than with creative crafts for kids? Crafts are great for teaching the meaning behind certain holidays and having a little fun in the process. Crafts can also be used to fill extra time when students complete their schoolwork early in the day.

For daycares and preschools, holiday crafts provide a great way to occupy the time of little ones. Parents and grandparents can spend quality time with the kids while creating all sorts of projects during the holiday vacation.

Christmas Craft Ideas

During the Christmas season, the possibilities for making crafts are almost endless. In daycare and preschool classes, children can decorate and color holiday door hangers, holiday greeting cards, or even their own gift-wrapping paper. Older kids can make their own Christmas tree ornaments, horn decorations, napkin rings, candles or candleholders, swags, mantle decorations, potpourri centerpieces, or even Christmas bows. Kids also love making their own unique Christmas gifts such as decorative jars or baskets filled with cookies, cakes, soups, candies, or any small gift items. If you're starved for holiday craft ideas, there are many craft books that focus on this joyous season.

Valentine's Day Crafts

For Valentine's Day, have your kids to make lovely cards for their classmates or family members. The cards can be made from construction paper in the shape of hearts or even words such as "Love" or "Be Mine." Buy some small candies to attach to the cards for an added touch.

Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter offers many opportunities for crafts with religious themes, an Easter bunny theme, or a blend of the two. There are Easter eggs and baskets. Kids enjoy dyeing Easter eggs and making their own baskets. They can also make baby chick crafts, puppets, spring decorations and wreaths, and Easter gift bags.

Crafts for Mother's Day and Father's Day

As a parent, encourage your children to create special crafts for Mother's Day and Father's Day. This is a great way to show their love for parents and use their creativity. Some great ideas for Mother's Day crafts include flower decorations, sun catchers, wind chimes, needle holders, handmade cards, planters, trinket boxes, wreaths, flower vases, candles, and photo frames. There are even beginner quilting books with all sorts of patterns for girls that want to sew a special quilt for their mom.

For Father's Day there are cards and crafts reflecting his favorite sport or hobby such as golf, baseball, football, garden tools, bowling, camping, etc. There are also t-shirts with sayings such as "World's Greatest Dad."

Halloween Crafts

Create "spooky" crafts with your kids during Halloween. These might include wreaths decorated with bats and ghosts, ghouly party favors, spider webs, treat bags, Halloween ornaments, witch dolls, Jack-O-Lanterns, pumpkin decorations, or even Halloween masks.

You'll also find great educational crafts for St. Patrick's Day and Thanksgiving. Holiday craft books and online resources offer many creative ideas to get started.

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