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Offsite Data Backup Key to Quick Recovery After Disaster

In addition to the loss of life and property in the wakes of hurricanes Katrina and Rita, many businesses lost one of their most valuable assets: information. Those businesses with foresight took advantage of secure, affordable offsite backup of their most vital information. Others, unfortunately, lost data and information that allowed them to serve their customers, control their cash flow, and meet government regulations. The loss of this data translates to millions of dollars in recovery costs.

The time to consider remote backup and remote storage is before disaster strikes. According to SERVARE, provider of online offsite backup services, companies considering Linux backup and other types of offsite backup should look for a service that incorporates the following features:

1. Easy-to-use Web and software interface. Using a secure password, company personnel can access backup data from any location using an Internet browser.

2. Flexibility. A customizable back-up schedule allows backup scheduling for times that are convenient to the company.

3. Secure and confidential storage. Files should be compressed and encrypted before transmission to the offsite backup server.

4. In-file delta backup. This feature reduces the time required to perform each backup, and ensures that only new or updated files are sent to the backup server.

5. Point-in-time backup file restoration. A customizable data retention policy allows companies to restore older file versions and even access files that have been deleted.

6. Automated live-update. This feature, which patches installed software, can be easily deployed to hundreds of clients.

7. Feedback. An online, offsite backup system should email backup and system activity reports to the company's system administrator each day.

The best offsite backup and disaster recovery systems enable a business to access information through secure tunnels, right on the Internet. The remote storage provider should use bank level 128-bit encryption to secure the connection from the company's computers to the remote servers. Before the data is even sent, it should be further encrypted with a password that only key company personnel know.

Redundant offsite backup solutions protect a company's information in the event of a natural disaster or as the result of viruses or hackers. Securely transporting a company's information offsite, to a state-of-the-art remote storage facility, gives a company's IT management peace of mind.

SERVARE's online backup services protect your business' information from data loss by utilizing advanced file encryption before transmission; quick, safe, and secure transmission to their online backup servers via a secure high-speed Internet connection; automated backups; flexible recovery capability; and scalable storage that grows as your need for storage grows.

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