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Use These Tips to Create a Website with Built-In Peachtree Software

When it comes to managing complex accounting needs, Peachtree accounting software by Sage has been the preferred program for thousands of companies. Even before the great "Internet" rush, Peachtree helped many companies streamline their financial record keeping while saving them time and money. But Peachtree is not just limited to off-line ventures; it can also be used as a valuable Web business tool. Here are some helpful hints if you're thinking of using Peachtree software with your website.

Go to the Source

If you're looking for the perfect fit, why not go to the source? Consider Peachtree's own WebsiteCreator Pro along with the sophisticated add-on called WebsiteTrader. You can get both in a combo from Peachtree distributors or hire a Peachtree training service to buy the software from and to help you get up and running.

What is WebsiteCreator Pro?

WebsiteCreator Pro is a program that enables you to create and manage your website. You can also use some of your Peachtree features to make managing customers and promotions a little easier. Peachtree's WebsiteCreator Pro allows you to build custom pages for the Web, capture your customers' information, create and manage your own Web newsletter and even set up downloadable files. There are also promotional functions such as online brochure creation using products from your Peachtree inventory. This program works perfectly if you need a simple online solution without complicated Web store and online ordering needs.

What is WebsiteTrader?

WebsiteTrader is an add-on that can only be used with the WebsiteCreator Pro site builder. It increases functionality for your website by integrating all Peachtree's great features with a professional Web storefront. With this add-on, you can offer secure online ordering with SSL encryption and a secure firewall server. You can set up pricing and sales tax calculations as well as collect orders and data from customers that can easily be added into your Peachtree accounting software. Create your own "Buy Now" buttons, control shipping costs and methods, notify employees of orders and e-mail customers automatically to confirm orders.

One feature many business owners enjoy is the ability to easily transfer information about their Web customers to their regular Peachtree program for accounting purposes. It's a great way to keep everything in tact on the back-office end while operating a fully functional Web store.

To set up a website and/or storefront, you'll first need a copy of Peachtree software. The site builder can be used with Peachtree Quantum, Premium Accounting, Complete, Pro, or even any of the industry-specific Peachtree programs. Another benefit is you can create a website even if you own an older version...2007 through the current programs all work with WebsiteCreator Pro!

You'll need an Internet connection (56K cable modem or better) and an e-mail address to get started. There are also similar programs for Web integration available for MAS 90 accounting software and MAS 200 software. If you need assistance with any of these programs, there are certified instructors that offer Peachtree training either online, in a class or on-site at your place of business. Use Peachtree's amazing programs to enhance your company's Web presence!

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