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Tips to Download Software Safely

With the Internet, viruses run rampant can be transferred to almost any computer without warning through software downloads. Even if downloading a so-called popular program, you could pick up a virus and not realize it for several days. And unfortunately, viruses can harm your computer's hard drive beyond repair or at least cause a major upset in the way it functions. So before you get too hyped and start downloading software everywhere you might find it, use these tips as a guide to download software safely.

Software Awareness

First, get to know the types of software available to you and how each works. Freeware is free software being offered as a promotional tool or by individual developers who want to make a name for themselves. Freeware is excellent if you need a software program quickly and cannot afford to pay for it. But beware when downloading free can sometimes contain Trojans or spyware viruses masked as a free program. Commercial software is mainstream product being offered by major software companies. Most commercial software is offered either online or in box form off retail store shelves. There is also the more moderately priced "shareware" that offers near the same quality as commercial.

Be aware that many software programs require updates from time to time. These too must be downloaded and may contain viruses if you're not careful.

Avoid Spam E-mail Offers

Never follow a link from unsolicited e-mails to download software. If it's a program you want to try, research it online and find a reputable source before downloading. Also, keep your guard up when a pop-up or flashy ad shows on your computer.

Know your source. Never download from a website unless you know the site is reputable. Perhaps your friend has already used the site, or you can research in forums to see what others are saying about it. Check with Better Business Bureau Online to examine a company's integrity. Beware of sites that try to redirect you to other links or mask their real Web address. Avoid file-sharing networks if at all possible.


Whether free software downloads or paid programs, read all the instructions and description about compatibility to ensure it will work with your computer system. Some programs can harm your system if not compatible, or are difficult to remove from your hard drive after the fact.

Combat Viruses before they Start

Invest in a dependable anti-virus program that will detect viruses, Trojans, spyware/adware in a flash if you do encounter one of these while downloading software. Look for programs that offer to scan files for worms and viruses before opening them. Speak with your local computer repair shop for recommendations on a good, trustworthy anti-virus program. Warning: Some programs claiming to be "anti-virus" are actually carrying the virus and using this as a cover-up. Get recommendations from people you know and trust.

Back Up Often

If you frequently download software, keep a backup of your computer hard drive, or at least all your important files. This is extremely important if you own a computer-based business because one virus can wipe out an entire hard drive in only moments!

As you search for the program you need, look for safe Websites that specialize in software downloads. Some sites act as an all-in-one source to download almost any type of program needed. These give you easy access to the programs you need without having to research new companies every time.

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