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Manage the Finances for Your Nonprofit Organization with Peachtree Quantum

Nonprofit organizations function differently than for-profit companies, especially when it comes to finances. Nonprofit organizations operate on donations, fundraiser income and sometimes local, state or federal government funds. And because it is not meant to make an actual profit, taxes and other financial records are reported differently as well. A recommended type of software that is custom-geared to meet nonprofit financial needs is Peachtree Quantum. Let's see how this amazing accounting software can help you stay organized.

Nonprofits serve in the community in many unique ways, such as supporting the workforce, caring for the elderly or sick, educating children, providing religion-based services, providing foster care, caring for soldiers when they return home, preserving and promoting arts and culture, etc. The nonprofit sector has more than $2 trillion in assets as a whole, and employs about 9.4 million people with total wages at about $322 billion! But while nonprofits are there to help folks and make a great contribution to the world around them, they are also quite "financially oriented." That's why implementing Peachtree Quantum or similar software is so important.

Overcoming Financial Challenges in Nonprofits

Nonprofits face a number of challenges such as scrutiny of donations and donors, and accepting volunteer workers that are not skilled when it comes to basic accounting functions. Peachtree Quantum simplifies the process and makes it easy to manage accounts payable and receivable transactions as well as create reports that are custom made for nonprofits.

Peachtree Quantum provides nonprofits with a full core accounting solution that is easy to use for anyone - even volunteers with no accounting background. It offers advanced financial statement filtering, four-year budgeting and account segment definitions, and detailed reports (featuring Crystal Reports) specific to nonprofits.

Other Great Features of Peachtree Quantum

You can also use all other fabulous features that make Peachtree Quantum so popular. These include multi-user capabilities allowing up to 40 users of the software, order processing, advanced security features, notifications for users as a transaction moves along within the system, customer management tools, transaction history for customers and vendors, multiple contacts for any given business, and more. Peachtree Quantum can be integrated with other software such as ACT! customer service software, and it works seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications.

Peachtree Quantum can also easily be converted to more sophisticated software such as MAS 90 (Peachtree Edition) should your organization begin to grow rapidly in number of users and/or transactions. If you're considering new accounting software for your nonprofit organization, Peachtree training is readily available to help you reach your goals. You can opt for online training, classroom style training (in certain cities), and one-on-one Peachtree training.

You can also purchase the software online. Peachtree is developed by Sage Software as well as MAS90 software and MAS200 software. Or, you might try QuickBooks or QuickBooks Enterprise by Intuit if you feel Peachtree is not right for you. No matter what your goals, you can give Peachtree Quantum a try through a free trial to see if this software will meet the demands of your nonprofit organization's daily financial tasks.

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