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Nonprofit Organizations: When You Need Peachtree Training

It's never been more challenging or more rewarding to work in a nonprofit setting. The need is great, yet resources are scarce. Peachtree software enables you to easily take control of finances for your nonprofit organization. Although similar to the way a business is operated, nonprofits have specific needs that require careful handling of finances due to tax issues. Perhaps you've already begun using Peachtree for your nonprofit organization, but would like to learn more about how the program works. With Peachtree training for nonprofits, you can not only learn more, but maximize the benefits of using Peachtree while saving time.

Peachtree training for nonprofits is available in a classroom setting, and you can attend CPE accredited classes to get qualified, professional instruction. The classes have certified instructors who are familiar with all the ins and outs of Peachtree for nonprofits.

To enroll, you'll need to have a general working knowledge of Windows and a solid understanding of Peachtree. If you're brand new to Peachtree software, you'll probably want to take a beginner or introductory class and an intermediate Peachtree class first. These classes will prepare you for the nonprofit-geared classes.

What You Can Learn

In a nonprofit Peachtree training class, you can learn basic company set-up functions, how to enter transactions, and how they affect the General Ledger. You'll also learn about closing and balancing cash accounts and customizing financial statements. If your nonprofit Peachtree software requires multiple users, you'll learn how to set up security rights to allow other users to access the software.

Peachtree training can help you convert data to your nonprofit software. This allows you to add customer, vendor and accounting information manually to Peachtree or transfer it from other software, such as from QuickBooks Enterprise to Peachtree Quantum.

With Peachtree Nonprofit and Crystal Reports, you can archive company data, have easier access and use of financial statements for various departments, and do advanced budgeting...all without having to use an external spreadsheet program. Better departmental tracking can be beneficial because it enables you to use separate statements of income and expenses for each funding source.

Other tasks learned in Peachtree training for nonprofits include audit trains, statements of revenues and expenditures, donor grantor setup, program backup, internal accounting review, closing the period and statement of financial position. The classes also include questions and answers, giving you an opportunity to ask for more specific help.

Enrolling in a Class

You can enroll for Peachtree Quantum and other software training for nonprofits online through a Sage-certified training center. Courses are available in certain locations, such as Detroit, Chicago, St. Louis and Memphis so be sure you can find a class in or near your area. There are also options to take classes online if this method is more convenient for you. You can also buy add-ons and other similar software online such as ACT! Software, QuickBooks Enterprise, MAS90 Software, other Sage Software, etc. With Peachtree training, you'll be able to better operate your nonprofit organization while keeping the books in check 24/7!

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