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ePeachtree Enables You to Link Your Business through the Web

Linking departments or branches together in your business might seem like a very expensive and involved task. In fact, it can seem overwhelming - so much so that you may avoid doing it altogether. After all, won't you have to hire IT specialists to come in and set up new computer systems and an intranet network specifically designed for your company? Will you not need someone to train your employees in how to operate the intranet? This was once the only way to link your business, but not anymore. Sage Software, the makers of Peachtree software, has developed a Web-based accounting solution called ePeachtree for this purpose, so small businesses can safely operate just as the large firms do at a fraction of the cost.

ePeachtree can give you the flexibility needed to manage finances while enabling other users to use your Peachtree accounting system from anywhere, any time without an expensive intranet setup. How does it work? Your users will log in to a Web system designed specifically for your Peachtree software. They can log in from anywhere using a unique password to view, add and edit information. Also, you can log in to your own accounting software at any time, whether in the office, at home or traveling abroad.

Sample Companies

It's easy to set up your ePeachtree account because there are 75 sample companies to choose from. You don't have to re-invent the wheel because there's likely a sample company similar to yours that can be modeled to create your own. Once you find a similar sample, you can modify and customize it to fit your own company. If you need help, you might consider online training or hiring a certified Peachtree expert to come on-site and help you set up your company. This will save time and help you enjoy the program's full benefits right from the start.

Security and Control

As the administrator of your ePeachtree account, you'll have complete control over which employees can access certain data. You can limit access to certain areas for managers only and for yourself. For instance, if you have a customer service department and only want the employees in this department to access the customer data entry files, you can specify this in ePeachtree. You can also allow access for your company's accountant. This helps eliminate the hassle of exchanging financial data each month, and your accountant will be able to make adjustments and print reports from his own office.

Features of ePeachtree

ePeachtree offers the same great features as other Peachtree software, including general ledger control, customer quotes and payments, tracking, purchase orders, accounts payable features, vendor information, inventory, job and project tracking, sales tax tracking, and more. There are also more than 100 financial and business reports that can be used for labeling, creating statements, etc. You can export reports using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Excel, Word or Rich Text to be able to view them when off-line or e-mail them to customers or vendors.

With ePeachtree, your business can have the flexibility you've been longing for, while paying only a minimal quarterly or yearly fee. It's a great option to expand your business and have unlimited access to your accounting software without compromising security for your business.

Check out online Peachtree retailers for more information. If you prefer to order traditional Peachtree Quantum or other software such as QuickBooks Enterprise, ACT! Software or MAS 90 Software, these are available online as well. Accounting software such as Peachtree will simplify your business while giving you complete control over your bookkeeping, products and customer service!

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