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Peachtree POS (Point of Sale) Software Gives Your Retail Store a Kick Start

If you own a retail store such as a grocery, discount store, clothing store, etc., then Peachtree POS (Point of Sale) software can make customer transactions go more smoothly. Smooth transactions undoubtedly translate into repeat business, which will help your bottom line. Perhaps you already use Peachtree Quantum or another Safe Software program for your computer systems and want to maximize functionality. POS software can be added to the interface without having to change over to a completely type of software. Let's observe how Peachtree POS software works and the potential benefits for your store and employees.

Conduct Open-Ended, Speedy Transactions

Customers are often in a hurry, but they also want to make sure their transactions are being handled correctly at checkout. With POS software, the items are scanned and/or typed directly onto a computer screen. An item list with the name of the product, quantity and pricing is displayed directly on the screen. Some stores have two for employees behind the counter and another that displays the transaction to the customer. This allows the customer to see items as they are being rung up on the screen! Even with only one screen, an employee may be able to turn the screen toward the customer if there's an issue or concern with the purchase or customer's account.

Peachtree POS software speeds up transactions by making it easy to ring up and examine every transaction. Even long customer lines will flow more smoothly, which can be especially important during big sales or holidays when most retailers are the busiest!

Create Customer Accounts

POS software for Peachtree enables you to create or update customer accounts with ease. While not all "busy" retailers collect customer data, many do these days - cell phone companies, car parts stores, insurance companies, office supply stores, etc. And because the POS software works directly with your Peachtree or other accounting software, it can automatically update your customer information for your main data structure. No more keying in customer data twice for two different software programs!

Inventory Control

You must keep inventory in check if you're going to operate a successful retail store. With POS software, you can enter items in a bar code structure and then employees will check out the products using a scanner or by keying in the number directly onto the screen. As your inventory changes, it will be updated in your main inventory program to prevent confusion. Reports can be printed at any time to make inventory control a cinch!

Process Payments

Another benefit is you can process credit cards, debit cards and gift cards through your POS system. This enables you to offer multiple purchase options to customers and even encourage more sales and referrals through gift cards. Your customers' credit cards are processed in a secure manner, but with great ease using this system.

Search Features

Help your customers find what they're looking for with advanced search features through your Peachtree POS system. You won't have to leave the checkout counter to be able to tell if an item is available or not. With a simple search feature, you can find items by name or keywords with ease. Your customers won't have to wait as you sift through inventory shelves in the back of the store to see if an item is in stock!

If you feel POS software will work for you, then you can purchase it online through retailers that sell Peachtree software and other Sage products. POS software is available for Peachtree Quantum, QuickBooks Enterprise, MAS90 Software and others. Many online stores offer accessories or add-ons for Peachtree as well, such as ACT! Software for customer management. Keep these benefits in mind and go online to view more details about Peachtree POS software.

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