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Strengthen Your Customer Relationships Peachtree Software Training and ACT!

If you already use Peachtree by Sage Software for your business accounting needs, then you probably realize what a time-saver Peachtree can be for you and employees. But you may not realize that Peachtree can integrate with other software to give you an even greater return on investment. A type of software that can be integrated with Peachtree to enhance customer service is ACT! Software. ACT! gives you the capability to keep up with every aspect of a customer's experience using your Peachtree data. It combines past conversation notes, targeted promotions and accounting data for each customer so you and your employees can know exactly what is happening with a customer from the moment he/she first contacts your company until the sale is finalized. It's also wonderful for meeting the needs of repeat customers.

ACT! can easily be integrated with Peachtree programs such as Peachtree Quantum. And thankfully, you don't have to set up ACT! software on your own. There are ACT! and Peachtree training classes to help you with this task so you can focus on other aspects of your business.

What Will You Learn?

ACT! and Peachtree training covers the basics of ACT! integration, such as starting the contact manager, an overview of the menu and basic help functions. It also covers working with contacts. This is the foundation of the program because it enables you to start keeping track of every customer with a thorough order and service background on each customer. You'll learn to view, add, modify and sort contacts. You can manipulate the contact list to get the look and feel you want, define contact fields and create groups. In other words, you can create an ACT! customer contact list that works for your company and include the information you need to provide optimal customer service.

Scheduling is often a hassle for service-oriented companies or sales jobs. Perhaps your scheduling varies from day to day and you have a difficult time keeping things organized. With ACT! training, you'll learn to use the dependable scheduling features of ACT! and Peachtree so you can view and schedule activities on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. You and your employees won't have to worry about missed appointments or calls, and customers will appreciate your prompt service.

Another great feature included with an ACT! and Peachtree link is you'll be able to work with paper to help strengthen customer relations. Use the customer contact list to create targeted mailings and promotions, personalized letters or faxes. ACT! provides templates that you can customize to meet your needs. The possibilities are endless!

Finally, ACT! training shows you how to work with groups and companies. This feature makes it easy to work with vendors or clients on a business-to-business level.

How to Find Appropriate Peachtree Training

When considering ACT! and Peachtree training, take a class with a certified instructor, or a Sage Certified ACT! Premier Trainer. This ensures you'll get quality instruction from someone that understands all the great features of the program. You'll be able to maximize your learning experience while discovering ways to move forward with the new program in your office. A certified instructor can help you set up the program and link your software based on your unique business needs. The key is to find a class that limits the number of students. This means you'll receive one-on-one attention during training. Training fees are generally several hundred dollars or more for a one-day session.

If you prefer more personalized training, consider hiring an instructor to visit your place of business. This can be helpful if you have several managers or employees that need to learn to use the software as well. There are also online classes if you're unable to find an instructor or class near your location.

ACT! and Peachtree training is well worth the money and effort once you start seeing improvements in your customer relations. ACT! can also be integrated with other software programs such as QuickBooks Enterprise, MAS 90 software or MAS 200. You can also get software for certain business fields such as real estate if needed. Don't allow your customers to slip out of your hands. Get started with ACT! and Peachtree (or other software) training today!

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