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Easy Integration Tips for ACT! and Peachtree Software

Businesses need all the help they can get these days. Installing an ACT! Software link for Peachtree is a simple process that can provide multiple benefits for your business. ACT! enhances Peachtree capabilities by enabling you to view valuable information about each customer as you serve their needs. Instead of viewing only numerical data or accounting information for the customer, you'll now be able to view past notes between customers and employees, comments, problems, etc. So when you or your employees pull up a customer's data, you can have all the important information at your fingertips. This enables you to better serve customers as your business grows. Let's look at the basics of integrating ACT! with Peachtree accounting software.

Installation of ACT!

The first step is to install ACT! and the Peachtree software on your computer system. Close any open programs and disable your screensaver and virus protection programs (these can hinder or block the installation process). Next, open the folder where your ACT! link is saved. Click "setup" or insert the Link CD into your CD-ROM drive. The CD should start automatically. Then follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install.

Once installed, you'll need to specify which Peachtree driver and company you need to link to (limit to only one company per database). Use the "Setup" feature in the Peachtree menu to do this task, and be sure the latest driver for ACT! link appears in the Link Driver section. Select the latest driver and desired company file to create the link between the two.

Import and Synchronize

After linking ACT! to Peachtree, you can import customer and vendor records to ACT! and build a contact database. A feature is available in ACT! to import accounting records. Simply follow the instructions to complete this step. The contacts will automatically be linked so you can immediately create contact links, modify a link or remove a link. You will also be able to view accounting data for linked customers and vendors, including current balance, recent history and available credit.

Probably the greatest benefit of using an ACT! link with Peachtree software is the ability to synchronize data between the two programs. Any changes you make can be added to both. If there are discrepancies in the customer's information, you can determine which program has the correct or most recently updated data. A customer's history will follow him throughout the entire ordering process so you and your employees can immediately view order history, past conversations or comments, etc. at the click of a mouse.

ACT! by Sage Software can be integrated with Peachtree Quantum, QuickBooks Enterprise, MAS90 accounting software, MAS 200 software and other programs. If you need help getting an ACT! link setup for your business, there are many Peachtree training programs available to make the process go smoothly. Peachtree training is available in a classroom setting, through online courses, or through one-on-one (on-site) training. Use these tips to create your ACT! link with Peachtree, and start seeing dramatic improvements in your customer service capabilities.

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