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McKesson Medisoft EHR Particulars

Are you considering McKesson Medisoft EHR as an electronic health record system and medical billing solution for your practice but haven't decided yet if it has the features that you want? These particulars about the features included in Medisoft can help you make your decision.


Obviously, price is not your absolute determining factor, but your budget is obviously important to your final decision. McKesson Medisoft EHR is among the most affordable complete medical billing and electronic health record packages on the market. It's a full-featured, mature product that is used by thousands of doctors' offices and medical providers around the country, and is widely considered to be the best medical billing software, not just for the price but also for the sector.


Medisoft EHR offers intuitive design and a graphic user interface that is highly user-friendly. The data fields are laid out well and the buttons and labels are easy to read. It's also easy to transition between screens and the navigation is very intuitive and natural.

Patient Scheduling

The patient schedule has special features that make it ideal for multiple provider offices, including a graphic interface and color-coded appointments. Users can set up repeating appointments and a wait list, and can reserve rooms and equipment for specific time blocks. The scheduler also makes it easy for your front desk staff to collect co-pays, check remainders and print patient receipts, all without exiting the scheduler.

Claims Processing

With Medisoft, you can view all the claims details on the Claims Manager screen, making it easy to identify, sort and manipulate claims data in a variety of ways. Electronics claim processing is handled in the Revenue Management screen, where you can send both primary and secondary claims electronically and view and archive reports.

EOBs and Statements

Medisoft's revenue management module makes it easy to post EOBs automatically, saving you lots of time and duplicated effort. You can easily run standard and remainder statements, and use the cycle billing feature to make billing easier. The set up for the Statement Manager takes a little effort, but once you have it set up, the rest of the process is easy. The statements look good and professional on paper, are easy to read and can be sent electronically if you prefer.


Medisoft comes standard with 228 reports that make it easy to track and manage your practice's business end, as well as complete any reporting required if you're participating in meaningful use incentives or other initiative programs.

Keeping your records secure is one of the most important factors in choosing an electronic health record system and medical billing software. Medisoft makes security easy with easy-setup accounts. You can control user access to add, edit or delete records, decide who can run reports and choose who has access to which parts of the program. You can check up on who has done what through production reports by user, check audit trails and verify user entry to get a handle on what's really happening in your office.

McKesson Medisoft EHR is available through certified resellers, many of whom offer training, conversion assistance or other value-added add-ons to help you adopt the best medical billing software and electronic health records software on the market today.

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