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Cell Phones for Seniors: Big Buttons are Critical

My elderly mother has a cell phone. It has literally been a lifesaver, but as she gets older, her cell phone has become less useful. The problem is that she is challenged with failing eyesight and hearing, and is finding it harder and harder to use the cell phone. Her difficulty is largely due to the small buttons and poor sound, but also the menu, which is hard for her to navigate. I expect the elderly aren't the only people frustrated by standard cell phone design; I wouldn't mind an easy-to-use cell phone for myself.

Imagine my delight when I discovered cell phones with large buttons and better amplification. The buttons on most models are about one-half-inch square. A number of innovative phones offer zoom options that enlarge the text on the display. Amplification on mobile phones for seniors tends to be twice as loud as on standard cell phones. Phones designed specifically for people who are hard of hearing enhance the quality of the sound, not just the amplification.

Some of the phones for seniors have a built-in emergency SOS button. When pressed the SOS button dials pre-set phone numbers until someone picks up the phone. After someone on the other end picks up, the phone operates in hands-free mode. Plus, an alarm sounds when the phone is dialing to attract attention. What a great feature for safety and peace of mind!

But that's not all that's great about these phones. The menus are so simple it takes only two or three clicks to execute functions. Some models have a built-in flashlight that operates even when the phone is turned off and a built-in FM radio receiver that works with or without earphones. A cell phone with a GPS location-tracking feature transmits GPS coordinates, a very valuable feature for locating lost or disoriented elders. With certain phones one click and a live person comes on the line for phone support.

Many of the features of cell phones for seniors are also great for kids. Large displays, easy navigation, emergency features, and even GPS make it easier for kids to use the phone and keep in contact with their parents. Voice command features, common on most newer phones, are helpful for both ends of the age spectrum.

There's another age issue to consider. Adults and children grew up in the age of technology; they are comfortable with it-it's second nature to them. Computer technology entered the lives of seniors in their later years, when it is typically more difficult to learn new behaviors. Some have embraced technology, some use it reluctantly, and others will have nothing to do with it. Easy-to-use cell make the technology less imposing.

Mobile phones for senior make it easier for family members to keep in contact with one another, and offer a number of safety advantages. Anything that makes cell phones easier for seniors to use is a welcome addition to communications technology. With easy-to-use features, cell phones now make thoughtful gifts for aging parents, who can use them with pleasure rather than frustration.

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