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Mobile Marketing Canada Calgary: Strategies by User Type

Back in 2009, Experian Simmons divided cell phone users into five types. Since then, the consumer research giant's reports on cell phone users have continued to compile information on those types of users and to suggest that the most effective mobile marketing campaigns will be those tailored to engage consumers in each of those segments. Knowing the segments is one thing. The real trick is understanding how to use them in your mobile marketing. Canada Calgary mobile web design and marketing company Hollow Earth Media offers tools, strategies and tips that can help you reach your customers based on the way they use their cell phones.

Mobirati - Mobile Web Design, Apps and Web Development

Experian coined the term Mobirati for the mobile generation - the 19% of mobile phone users who have grown up with cell phones. Not only can't they imagine what life was like before cell phones, they fully expect the role of their cell phones to continue to grow. They range in age from teens to late twenties, generally have plenty of disposable income and are drawn in by the cool factor. Impress this segment with slick mobile web design, apps that allow them to order and pay for your products directly from their phones and cool games or tools they can use in novel ways. This is one of the two groups that can take your company viral and put you on the map.

Social Connectors - Viral SMS Marketing and Social Media Integration

For Social Connectors, a cell phone is a tool that keeps them in touch with their social networks. They've got friends on Facebook, followers on Twitter and they're the Mayors of anywhere they go on Foursquare. They cover a wide range of ages - social savvy has few age limits, after all - and they tend to be trendsetters and leaders among their social groups. Social Connectors are the reason you have a Facebook page and at least one Twitter account, and why your mobile web design should make it easy to tweet and share your SMS marketing messages. Give them the tools to do it, and they'll forward your marketing messages to their entire friends list and give your mobile marketing campaign some serious legs.

Pragmatic Adopters - Text Message Marketing and Useful Apps

About 22% of cell phone users fit the segment Experian named Pragmatic Adopters. They were adults when the first cell phones hit the market, and probably bought their first one just in case they got stranded somewhere and needed to reach someone. Their cell phones are tools, not entertainment devices, but most do use their phones for more than just making phone calls or sending text messages. For this group, it's all about utility - these are the folks that will love the ability to save their favorite order from the pizza shop and order it with a text message. Get your web development and app development team to work creating pay-by-phone apps and put them on SMS marketing blasts to let them in on special discounts and they'll happily opt into your text marketing list.

Basic Planners - SMS Notifications

Named for their tendency to choose the most basic plan with their cell phone companies, Basic Planners see a cell phone as just another communication device. They're not impressed with cell phone games, don't bother with changing their ring tones and wouldn't know what to do with a "Share" or "Forward" button. They do tend to be as practical as Pragmatic Adopters, however, and if you offer them the option of SMS notifications that their car is due for an oil change or a reminder that they have an appointment with you tomorrow, they'll opt in to your mobile marketing list to get it.

Mobile Professionals - Productivity Apps and Text Message Alerts

The 17% of mobile phone users that make up the Mobile Professionals segment are the group that's most likely to own a smartphone. They use their cell phones to help them keep up with their professional lives - they check email from their phones, set alarms to remind them of appointments and keep their entire rolodex in their contact list. Market to these folks by making their lives easier with productivity apps and text message alerts about upcoming events. This is the segment that will appreciate the ability to get directions to your place from wherever they are, and the fact that your mobile web design is easy to navigate and use.

Learn more about mobile marketing and its possibilities by contacting professionals in the field of mobile marketing. Canada Calgary-based mobile media designers Hollow Earth Media can get you started with a mobile marketing strategy that caters to your customers and clientele.

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