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Obsession with Tights: My True Confession

I never thought that I would be the kind of woman with an obsession for any type of clothing item, let alone tights! Why tights, one might ask? Believe me when I tell you, the reasons are not only plentiful but sensible as well. My love of tights, stockings, hosiery, pantyhose, silk stockings and even socks began as a teenage girl when, forced to wear uniform skirts during the bitter cold winter months, my legs were constantly freezing cold and cramped. My first pair of tights solved the problem, and as an added bonus, breathed new life in to my tired uniform skirt look. Not to mention, my colorless winter legs looked pretty darn good. I was hooked! I began to shop for tights with color, tights with texture, footless tights and amassed a collection of legwear that was the envy of all.

Though I'm long out of school, my passion for any type of tights continues to be a part of my fashion statement. One of the best reinvented looks is that of footless tights, or leggings as we used to call them. I simply adore throwing on a short little dress and a cute pair of Capri length tights to tie the outfit together. There are so many great footless tights available with great patterns - such as floral or even tartan designs. I even found some great retro prints with hot colors that jazz up any outfit and always add a little whimsy to my day when I wear them. Tights in bold colors like purple, fuchsia, florescent orange, and yellow keep you looking young and your legs looking even younger.

Beyond the world of adorable tights and their fun, flirty addition to your wardrobe, there comes a time when a woman needs to rev up the legwear and head for the silk stockings and thigh highs. Though I usually wear sensible pantyhose or sheer hosiery for work, I do love to spice up the leg wardrobe for those special evenings out on the town or at home with candlelight and my man. I vividly remember purchasing my first pair of silk stockings and the feeling of pure luxury when I slipped them on my legs.
I experienced a sensation like no other and one that continues to thrill me each time I treat myself to a pair of silk stockings or thigh highs.

With my hectic work and family schedule, my time for shopping is very limited. However, I have found a superb online site. This Europe-based company sells the most incredible tights, legwear, and body suits I have ever come across. They manage to stay on top of the ever-changing world of trends and styles making my online shopping even easier. The customer care and service is par excellence and the merchandise is superior. I am a convert to online shopping and am thrilled to pass this information on to other women who love to dress their legs!

Start your shopping now and wow your spring wardrobe with trendy, sophisticated tights and hosiery!

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