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Prom Dresses and Other Expenses: Stay within Your Budget

You want the best for your daughter, but prom dresses and accessories can get very expensive. Proper budgeting for her prom dress and other prom expenses can help keep spending low without sacrificing your daughter's happiness on this most joyous occasion.

Shopping for Prom Dresses

The prom dress will likely be your biggest expense. Start looking around early on for affordable prom dresses so you can find just the right dress at the right price. Set a certain price range for your daughter (such as $250 to $350) so she'll know which dresses to consider. It's a good idea to shop around online as well to see all the designs available in various price ranges. *Tip: Be sure to consider the shipping charges with your purchase, and be sure to take your daughter's proper measurements before ordering. Never guess at prom dress sizes, and make room in your budget for possible alterations if needed.

Online shops often carry a wide selection of formal dresses by top designers such as Jovani, Mori Lee, Clarisse, Faviana, Dave and Johnny, Paris and others. Your daughter will have numerous colors and designs to choose from within her price range so she can find a dress that suits her figure and personality.

If you're on a really tight budget for her prom gown, try thrift shops, consignment shops or department stores, or hire a local seamstress to sew a dress for her.

Prom Dress Accessories

Accessories for the prom dress include shoes, hose, gloves, a jacket, a handbag, jewelry, and hairpieces. If ordering online, try to order these items from the same prom store where you purchase the dress. Combining your purchases will save on shipping costs. You also might try local stores for accessories if your daughter prefers to try these in person.

Beauty Expenses

Your daughter might want to have her hair, nails and make-up done before the prom. You can save money by doing these yourself, or maybe you have a friend or relative that can do this similarly to a professional. You might even get a free facial and make-up session for your daughter through a local cosmetic consultant if one's available in your area. Opt for home manicure and nail kits if you're on a limited budget. Having all three of these done with a professional beautician can cost anywhere from $100 to $250.

Prom Tickets, Dining, and Photos

Don't forget to budget for prom tickets, dining and prom photos. The cost of prom tickets usually depends on where your daughter's prom is held. If it is hosted by an elegant hotel or held in a ballroom with dinner and beverages provided, then expect higher prices - usually ranging from $100 to $250 per person. If the school holds the prom in an auditorium or gymnasium, tickets are usually much cheaper. Also, consider the photos. Some school prom committees arrange for photos to be taken at the event. You can pay for these photos, or use your own professional photographer. If you own a high quality digital camera, you might even take the photos yourself.

Be prepared for other expenses as well. Other costly needs may arise as your daughter prepares for the prom. These include a boutonnière for her date, limousine rental, after-prom celebrations, and prom gifts.

By creating a prom budget for the prom gown and other items, you'll be prepared for all the little things that may come up along the way. Start preparing early for this big event to eliminate financial stress before the prom. Many online shops carry a variety of affordable prom dresses, homecoming dresses, ball gowns, and other types of eveningwear so your daughter will have plenty to choose from. After all, it is one of the most memorable nights of her life - make it count!

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