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Getting the Perfect fit with Prom Dresses

The truth is that most of us don't fit the ideal of beauty that's often set forth in magazine or television ads. We're not super models, but each of our bodies is beautifully designed in a unique way. What does this mean when it comes to buying prom dresses? Alterations! If you need alterations for your prom dress, don't worry. Many girls have to get alterations for various reasons. Maybe the waistline is a little too short or too long. Maybe the hemline is too long. Perhaps the bust area needs to be taken up or expanded. Alterations are a natural part of buying a prom dress, wedding dress, or any other type of formal wear, so you're not alone.

Even if you've taken all the right measurements in all the right places, alterations may very well be a reality. Or, even if you've shopped around for the perfect material and colors for you, and even if you've tried on a similar dress before buying online - you might have to get alterations no matter how much you've tried to avoid it.

Think of eveningwear alterations as actually custom tailoring a prom dress to get the perfect fit for you. This doesn't mean your body has an awkward size or shape. It simply means that prom dresses are often designed (or molded) to fit a certain body type, and no two persons are exactly alike.

When buying eveningwear online, take accurate measurements beforehand to reduce the number of alterations needed later. You'll save time and money by requiring fewer alterations. This is money you can spend on prom dress accessories such as jewelry, shoes, hairpieces, make-up, gloves, etc.

Alteration Tips for Formal Dresses

Prom dresses are defined by their material, style, and ornamentation. The first thing to do if you need alterations is to find a tailor that knows how to work with the specific material of your prom dress. For instance, if your prom dress is made of silk, you'll want an experienced tailor that knows all about working with silk material. Choose a seamstress that specializes in prom dress alterations for the best results. If your prom dress has special accents such as embroidery, beadwork, lace, floral patterns, or ruffles, be sure to ask how the alterations will affect the overall design of the dress. Some types of alterations can cause the patterns to look uneven, but an experienced prom dress tailor will know how to work around it.

Get a quote in writing before leaving your dress with the alterations person. A seamstress should be able to give a definite dollar amount before getting started. Alterations for formal dresses can be expensive, but getting a price up front will help you avoid a higher price later if complications arise.

For your alteration fitting, wear your prom shoes and the undergarments you plan to wear with your dress. This will allow the seamstress to obtain appropriate measurements without guessing. Take photos of your prom dress (front and back) before leaving it with the seamstress. This eliminates any possible accusations against you if the seamstress were to cause damage to the dress while it's in her care.

Many online stores sell gorgeous prom dresses, homecoming dresses, gowns, formal dresses, and other types of eveningwear. Use your measurements to find a prom dress with the perfect fit - and don't fret too much if you do happen to need alterations!

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